October 1, 2008

A Blogging Visitor From The Mainland....

About 2 weeks ago, I was surprised by a couple of visitors from the mainland!!! It was about 8:30 a.m. when I first heard the doggies barking. But I was in the bathroom. By the time I got out - they stopped barking, so I never bothered checking to see who was outside. Then they started barking up a storm again!! So, I took a peek out the window to see if anyone was there... and there they were, 2 ladies from Sacramento, California!!! I've invited them in, and they went NUTZ looking at all the goodies I had for them to go through. I found out that one of the ladies is MacKenzie, who is a blogger as well - and on several design teams. Can you imagine how excited I was? Not because she was on DT's but because here she was, visiting from Cali, and in MY store!!! Holy Moly!!! Plus the fact that they were from Sacramento - and you all know that my sister lives there as well. So, of course - the LOCAL in me, gotta ask them if they've heard of my sister's store.... I keep forgetting that the mainland is a lot bigger than Hawaii... LOL!!!! How'd she found me? She saw a link to my store on Jenn Muraoka's site... so waaaaay cool!!! MacKenzie and Naomi (her best friend/sister -in-law (she married her best friend's brother) visits Hawaii EVERY year and comes with their family. The husband/brother came in after awhile together with their kids. Maybe next year we gotta do a BBQ/stamping party when you gals come down, ladies!! When MacKenzie n' Naomi both entered, we just clicked, talking stories about this n' that, and a new friendship was started among us!! That's the #1 thing I love about this hobby - meeting new people, and making new friends. Anyways, the cards here in this posting were created by MacKenzie, she used Whipper Snapper stamps that she purchased in my store... they turned out Super Cute!!! Be sure to stop on by MacKenzie's blog "Midnight Scramper" to check out more of her fabulous work!! She's super fun and so happy to be around with. I wish they were able to stay longer.... Thanks Ladies... you all made me so happy to have you visit. Next time, let me know ahead of time - so I can plan a party!!

Much Hugs,