September 7, 2008

Need Your Feedback RE: Monthly JT RAK

This post is for all of you that participates in my monthly JT Aloha RAK fun. Since fully going into my Little C's business I have noticed that my time schedule has been SQUEEZED with so many things to do. But I ain't gonna kill myself doing it - KWIM?!!? I am looking at certain things that I could possibly cut. And unfortunately, the monthly JT RAK is something that is on that list. However, I don't want to yank it from ya'll - I want to know if you want to continue to participate in this RAK. If you should all request to continue the RAK, I will forward you to the person that will take over this task.

Please provide me with your feedback by posting a comment here, comment "Yay" to keep it going or "Nay" to toss it. I would like to make a decision before October comes around. Thank you all for your feedback!!!

As for the Birthday RAK Club - that will remain..... =0)