August 4, 2008

Which Just Rite Stamp is Just Rite For You?

Aloha All...

I've had several emails regarding the Just Rite stamps. Personally, I don't really care for the ones that you can make your own sentiments with, because the letters are small, and quite frankly, I'd rather use those whimsical letterings on quotes that are already premade. But I do enjoy using the Just Rite Monogram Kits. They'll make great personalized note cards. Granted, you could probably make these monograms on your computer, and print them. But most of us have our ideas come to us in the middle of the night, while the computer is off, and don't want that printed running making noise. So, if you feel like monogramming in the middle of the night, Just Rite is just right for you!!! In this blog posting, I am going to share with you the difference between the Just Rite Monogram Stamper Kit with Wooden Stamp Mount, and the Just Rite Monogram Stamper Kit with the Monogram Stamper.

First the kit with the Wooden Stamp Mount. The wooden mount is actually the base for your letters and border to go on to. See those grooves? They are what hold the letters and borders in place. Each letter is stored on a rubber sheet with grooves on them as well, and you'd peel each letter that you want, then push it into place on the wooden mount. Kinda like pushing in those screen bumpers... are you getting this? LOL!! The set comes with 1 set of large letters sized at 7/8", and 2 sets of medium letters sized at 7/16", 3 different borders, and the wooden stamp mount. You can use any ink pad that you already have on hand. I found that my Palette ink pads (TAC) worked better with them than my SU! ink pads. Palettes are hybrid inks, and SU! are watercolor, but I didn't try them out with the SU! craft pads, yet. Anyways, there are so much possibilities with this set, I will have fun creating personalized projects both for myself and my friends n' family. The set that I am using in these photos is the Curlz Font Monogram Kit.

The letters I am using on this mount is the initials for my girlfriend's son. His birthday party is right around the corner, and she's asked me to dress up some Animal Cracker boxes, and I was thinking maybe make some with monogram initials on them. What do you think? It's the one on the right. =0)

Ok, now for the Monogram kit with the self-inking stamper included. That is basically just what it is. A stamper that will self-ink your monogram letters. It has the same grooves, and same amount of letters, it comes with 2 more borders though. The stamper itself takes a little getting used to, and their is 1 reversible ink pad included, which one side is filled with black ink, and the other can be filled with whatever ink color of your choice. This is great for those that like to add monogram to anything n' everything. Like if you love monogramming your envelopes when you mail to your friends, you can just reach over, grab your self-inking monogram stamper and stamp that baby. Also if you plan on monogramming a bunch of stuffs. It becomes tiring if you use the wood mount stamper, and have to always stamp on an ink pad. With the self-inking stamper, that eliminates 1 step of inking, as after you ink, it automatically inks your rubbah right away. Ok, so it pretty much works the same way, other than 1 being self-inking and the other just the stamp. You can take the letters and the borders from other Just Rite stamp kits, and use with this self-inker, and vice versa. As you can see from the photos, the base in the self inker has the same grooves as the wood mount stamp. You just need to place the self-inker in a lock mode by clicking on the red buttons located on the side of the self-inker. You then select the letter(s) and border that you would like to use, and then unlock by gently pushing down on the grey part of the self-inker. Once it pops up, it is already inking itself to the ink pad.

The ink pad easily slips out when you need it to, it has a little handle for you to grab, so that you are not fretting and trying to get that section out (see pic below). As you can see, the handle is pretty out there, so no worries.

When it arrives, the ink pad facing the rubbah is the side that is un-inked (duh!), so you will have to either 1 fill with the color you like, or flip it over to use the side filled with black ink. When you press down, your monogram is stamped nicely and evenly.

As you can see, they basically work the same way. You just need to know which one you want to go with. Like I said, if you plan on monogramming a bunch of goodies at one time, go with the self-inker. But if you like variety, and don't mind using your ink pads on hand, go with the wood mount stamper. HOWEVER, if you want all borders, and all letters, you best be getting them ALL.... LOL!!!!

The self-inking stamper comes with a pretty storage box, that almost looks sound proof. LOL!! Very cozy in there to keep your stamper safe from dust and harm (in case you step on it). The storage box closes with magnetic closure. As you can imagine, this is probably another reason why it is more in price than the wood mounted stamper kit.

Here is what I've created with the self-inker monogram stamper. Wanted to show you that there really isn't no difference in quality of the products. They are both great. Just gotta find out which one is just rite for you!! I used my scallop circle nesties for the layering on this one.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you liked this lil' explanation of these Just Rite stamp kits that I got in. Now what do you think?!?!

Products in stock now: Self-Inking Stamper, Curlz Font Kit, Special Occasions, Times New Roman Font

I will be back tomorrow (Tuesday) with the announcement of the winner of LCWC #2, and with a new challenge for this week!!!

Hope you come back n' play!!!