August 26, 2008

RAK's Received....

Good Morning All!!!

Yesterday, there were 50,000 MORE motorist on the road, being that the Colleges are back in session beginning yesterday. We left at our usual 6 a.m., and did pretty good. Despite some garbage truck tossing over some trash out of their truck causing a lil' traffic, we still made it there within 30 minutes. If traffic stays this way the entire school year - I will be happy!!! =0)

Thank you all that have left me sweet comments, emails and phone calls to make sure I was alright and doing well with my wisdom tooth torture. It has been crazy!!! I think the antibiotics are finally kicking in, as the pain is gradually lessening, soon I will be completely off of the pain killers. YAY!!! I got my temporary crown yesterday (man, you all must be thinking that my mouth must be "pilau" (dirty in Hawaiian) - or "messed up"...)... haha, wisdom tooth pains and a crown... I'm sure making Dr. Lewis a little richer this month. Lucky guy.

Well, I received some awesome RAKs at my doorsteps a couple of days ago. You all just spoil me to pieces. Thank you so much for your generosity and your kindness. Each and every one of you always make blogging such a wonderful experience for me. Ok on to the goods already... so let me explain what I got.

The 1st card was from my friend Joy. Such a cute lil' piggy card. I believe the stamp is a Penny Black stamp. So cute, ya?! If you don't already know - Joy has a BLOG!!!! Yes, she finally started one, and thank goodness because she's got a lot of cute creations there. Go on and check it out - click here.

The 2nd batch of goodies came from my good friend Rita Santos of Rita's Lil' Corner. Rita is just a great person that I've come to love - such a sweet sweet lady. She's down to earth, and will tell me like it is. She participated in one of my challenges a couple of weeks ago - and sent me the card that she created for that challenge. Along with the beautiful card, she sent me some Dew Drops. She says that they are "faux" though, but I can't tell the difference - looks real enough to me. LOL!!! I used my 1st batch of dew drops in my previous post for this week's LCWC #6 Challenge. They really came in handy. Today, Rita is sharing how to store her Nestibilities. You have got to head on over and check it out if you have a lot and need a storage idea.

My 3rd RAK comes all the way from Canada, from my dear friend Tracy. Such a pretty card that she sent me, with a cute note inside. The cat is from a Pink Cat Studio set. Thank you, Tracy!! Tracy is over at Tracy's Happy Place.

The 4th RAK is a very unusual RAK that I received. Not something that I would typically get - but I did... no its not the flowers, it's my NAILS!!! My BFFFFFF Des went with me to the nail salon about a week ago, and paid for my nails to be all purdied up. The tips are brown and then my girl painted pretty yellow flowers (all random ones) on each nail. I wrote so many "F's" because I can't seem to get rid of this girl. Not that I want to - but back in High School, we really didn't care much about each other. She thought I was too loud, and I thought she was too snobby. We met up through different stages in life, and have grown a strong bond between each other. WOW... we've come a long way. Look at us now, sister. Bread n' Butter, Hana n' Bada, Loco n' Moco... Baka n' Tare.... hahaha - I can go on n' on... I occasionally watch her son, so she wanted to give me a little treat. I was delighted to get such a wonderful treat at that.

The 5th RAK comes from my BFF Jodie. Ho - if you thought I was loud, this sistah is loudah!! I love it. She's just like me - but 1 notch loudah!! Isn't it cute?! Jodie is also a LC Design Diva. She really has been creating full heartedly and putting in so much effort in her creations. It just amazes me. I might have to hire her as Asst Manager. LOL!!! Love the DP that she used too. It's too cute!!!! Her blog is semi-back in business. But she posted today, so go on over and ck it out!!!

Last but not least - tis RAK comes from the talented Eunice of A Star for Chiemi. Eunice crafts a lot with Cricut products, but has many hidden talents. Cute Cute Cute stuffs on her blog. Funny how she lives only 1 city away, and yet met me via the world wide web. Eunice made me this peek-a-boo card, and used her Cricut to help her create it. Guess what else she did??!! She saved it the Cricut File, and emailed me the file. She also "OK'd" me to share with all of you!!!! So, if you'd like the file - check it out here, on my Cricut Cuts blog.

Thanks again to all of you!! These are absolutely marvelous!!!