August 6, 2008

Pink Cat Studio - NEW RELEASES!!!

Hey!! I forgot that today is the day that Melissa of Pink Cat Studio releases 2 NEW stamp sets. 1st set is called Accessories For Lily & Billy. Set does NOT come with a Lily or a Billy, just the accessories. Here is the set, and some samples to follow:

Samples were created by PCS's DT.

Here is the other set, called Limitless Limbs Stamps .....honestly, when I 1st heard about this set from Melissa - she's the artist and owner of PCS, and she sent this info to me thru email, with no pics... so I thought the stamp images of this "Limitless Limbs Stamps" were going be of arms and legs with different positions for Lily n' Billy!!!! LOL!!!! What a dork.... Well, crack myself up to pieces when I finally got a look at what they were... see how us locals think... yea, I say locals, because I know if was you (yea, you know who you are) you would've thought the same as me.... cheeeee hooo...

Ok - here's how the stamp set looks like, and again, some samples from PCS's DT:

To order your sets now, click here. Ohhh and BACK IN STOCK....Pink Cat Studio's "Sweet Treats" and "Tweet".

Have a good evening!!!