August 12, 2008

Little C's Weekly Challenge #4

**Updated: Prize has been changed to a $10 online gift certificate to Little C's store.

**Updated: Added the links to each Diva's blog.... scroll down

Hey All... sure short post, because I am dead tired, gotta still take a bath, and I'm dying to hit my pillow so I can head off to never, never land!!

Ok first... the winners of last week's challenge - yes, I did say "WINNER" with an "S", - since only 3 peeps participated, I'm sending all 3 Q&C eyelets, and 6 SU! inspiration sheets each... YAY!!! Send me your addy's... actually, I already have Jodi's and Angie's... so, Marie - send me your address. Kewl!!

Now for this week's challenge - #4. It's a sketch. We're using Maria's sketch here ------>>>>

Here is my take on it... I made this card for my "calabash" or "hanai" nephew. His birthday party is this weekend. He is the son of my dear friend, Des. Des don't do blogs. She has no time - so I ain't worried about her seeing this card before the party. Oh.. "Calabash" or "Hanai" here is slang for "sorta-adopted" or "sorta-related". That's just saying how close we are as friends... "we so close, we sorta-adopted"... LOL!!! Anyways, this post supposed to be short... so here's my creation. I water colored the munster. The cake is from SU!, monster is from Whipper Snapper.

Ok, pau! Be sure to check out the rest of Little C's Designing Divas, and see what they created using this sketch!! You will find links to their blog in my sidebar to the left.

**Sorry - I was sooo pooped last night, I just wanted to get this posted, and that is why I've directed you to ck out the blogs listed in the DT section in my sidebar. But I am back, and posting their links, make it a little easier for all of you, so here they are:

Jo is still having problems with her computer - it caught a VIRUS!!!! So I am not asking her to email her creation to me either - for obvious reasons. LOL!! Hang in there, Jo!!!