August 6, 2008

Cutltebug Border Folders.... How To Use & How To Store

Aloha Friends....

I've had a few emails on this one too... about the new Cuttlebug border folders, what they look like, and how do they work..... So, I'm posting this to share with you just that, and how I store these babies.

First... they come in the same packaged style as the CB Embossing A2 Folders.

When you open it, you will find there are 5 slim sized folders, that are all separated. This would be exactly how your A2 folders would look like, if you were to cut them into 5 strips. The fold is on the top of the folder (short edge), and not on the side (long edge)

Now, all you need to do is take your card's edge, put a CB folder unto that edge - and crank it through your die cutting machine, thus creating a beautiful border for your card. Here is the 1st card I made using one of these folders. The folder that I used in my sample below is from the CB Border set called "With Love". Which I've sold out of last night... do I need to bring in more?!?!

The embossed border is the dots going across the bottom of my sympathy card.

How To Store These Folders:

My storage solution may not be the best out there, but it works for me..... plus it's cost effective. SO... here's what I did... The folders are already snuggly fit into place in the plastic that they arrive in. I trimmed all of the edges off - as you can see in my photo below, the pieces that I trimmed off are slightly dull - but that's just the plastic. I trimmed very close to the edge. However, I kept at least 1/2" of the top of the plastic. Can you see it? This keeps the folders all in place, and all you'd have to do is snap out to use, and snap back in when your done.

Now, on the 1/2" top of the plastic that I kept, I wrote the title of the set of folders. Nothing fancy, it's my own handwriting. Use a labeling system if you must. But this is how it looks like after I've written on that 1/2" part of the tab I've mentioned to keep.

On the bottom back of each folder (where the Cuttlebug TM and logo is located), I simply wrote in the initials of the title of the Cuttlebug Border set. So, "JMT" would be for "Just My Type".... Like this:

Now, if they are ever out of it's plastic casing, I will easily know which set it goes with, as I've labeled them all.

Because I've trimmed the edges of the plastic off very closely, I can now slip it into my Sheet Protector's that I have available for purchase at Little C's online store. These protector sheets I also use for standard cards that I'd like to show as samples during my classes (see sample images on Little C's store). They are surely coming in handy to store all of my Cuttlebug folders and now these Cb Border folders as well!!! So after trimming the edges off, I just slip into one of the sleeves, and they fit snuggly, and will stay safe from dust n' liquids. You can see all my other A2 folders being stored next to this set of border folders in the photo. These sheets can fit up to 4 folders per page - there are 25 pages for a package of $13.00USD. =0) For cards, you can fit up to 8 cards per sheet (back n' front), and store up to 200 cards with 1 package of these sheets. Holy Moly!!! They easily store into any 3 ringed standard binder size. I like the 3" sized ones, because then I can fit a whole lotta cards or folders in there.

Ok, I made another card using another CB Border from the "With Love" set. I can't believe how quick that set sold out.... unfortunately, it is another sympathy card creation that I needed to make:

Butterfly images are from SU!, sentiment is from Stampendous. This time, I used the border folder on a card going the other way. I used SU! buttons for the middle of each flower.

I hope you liked this lil' tutorial on how to use and how I store these fabulous CB Border folders, and of course the cards that I've created using the folders.

I just received the 2nd shipment of the CB Folders (Seasons) - once again, I will work on those that pre-ordered these, and then upload whatever I have left, and then it's up for grabs!!!!

Much Aloha for stopping by....