July 1, 2008

The Wedding....

Good Morning & Happy 1st of July!! Oh my - the days are flying so quickly!!! This past Sunday, we attended a wedding, and as usual, I was a last minute card crafter. It's a good thing that I already had the base of the card made and lying around. The embossing, and ribbon were already in place. I choose to use a cute House Mouse stamp that represented love. Frankly, I don't think mice are even cute in real life, but those darn HM images are too adorable to avoid using. Plus it was something easy to color. I used my Copic Markers to color. I then added a Bazzill Basic Chiptopper sticker for the sentiment. Plain, Simple n' Sweet. Here are the Copic Markers that I used for the coloring.... Nothing really special about it. I just wanted to hurry and get out of the house so that we wouldn't be stuck in traffic heading down to the wedding.

Now for the scoops on the evening, and photos that we took there. It was a beautiful wedding!!! The uniqueness of the wedding was that the bride n' groom's table was smack in the middle of the room, and not at the front like most wedding's that I've attend throughout my entire life. But I thought it was neat. It really made it feel like they were sharing their special day with their friends and family being amongst us, and not up on stage. It was a cool idea!!! The food was, oh my gawd!!! ONOLICIOUS!!! There were 3 dinner selections that they offered us, which was Chicken, Filet Minong or Salmon. Well, I'm trying to eat right and lose some weight - so I went for the Salmon. Oh my! What a big chunk of Salmon I got. I was digging in... but I couldn't even finish it all!! Another unique idea was that the bride n' groom allowed us to make our own favors. They provided us with these cute small bags, and they had a table of variety of candies. They also had a photo booth that couples or families could enter and take a picture (a batch of 6) as a momentum of the special event spent with the newlyweds. The photos of Charlie and I were taken in the photo booth. Haha... we're a silly couple. I had to share a photo of the wedding cake - which was designed to look exactly like the bride's wedding dress. Oh, and that yummy chocolate dipped strawberry that was part of the dessert... there were actually 2 other lil' dessert thingies, but I had already ate it - and I thought the Strawberry was more of an artistic piece to photograph anyways.

Oh yea, and for those of you that were interested in how I did with my weight loss... well, I haven't had a pepsi yet (yay!!!), I have been drinking a lot of water, and with the help of my sistahs, motivating myself to walk n' exercise and live a healthier today! Yep, I have bonded with 2 other blogging Sistahs, which we've created a blog to journal about our daily walks and exercises (have you seen the new button added to my sidebar? If not, it's ok - this is the same button featured here in this posting). If you would like to come along on our walks, please visit our new blog called "Sistahs of the Traveling Tee". Why is it called that?! Well.... we thought it would be neat if we passed a Tee between us, and anyone else that decides to come along for the fun of being healthy. Check it out... you just might wanna get up n' exercise too, and maybe even become a Sistah yer' self!!!

Have a great day.... I'm ready to go on my walk!!