July 13, 2008

A Tutorial: Baby Basket

Hello Sunday Crafters....

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Ok, so my hubby gave me an assignment last week, it was to create a baby basket for his customer's daughter who recently gave birth. I was HIRED!! The best part was that there was NO LIMIT on funds as what I was to purchase for the basket. So I went all out - of course on his company's money. Making baskets are pretty much easy to do - but if you don't have the time, then getting someone else to do it for you is easier. I didn't get paid for this one, but the satisfaction of creating something fun was priceless. Anyways, the 1st photo shows all the goodies I purchased to stuff in the basket. Yummy huh?!?! I had fun, especially cause I don't usually have to shop for girly baby things.

So here's what I did... First, you gotta get a basket, and then stuff the bottom of the basket with a little newpaper. This is so that your basket will have a little cushion at the bottom. I then got some crinkled paper that I purchased (you can easily make your own if you owned a shredding machine), and I dumped the whole bag of the shredded crinkled paper on top of the newspaper, and spread them out evenly.

After I even out the shredded crinklies, the newspaper is no longer noticeable. It now looks pretty fluffed, huh? It is time to start loading up the basket. I start with the most rigid, and boxed like goodies. Stuffing at the back of the basket first.

Some of the items will need to be propped up higher to make the goodies fit, so I use tape on the back of some of the goodies, and tape them down. All I do is make the tape in a loop, creating a "double stick" type of tape. I love the type of tape I am using as shown in my photo - because this is the industrial kine. LOL!!! As you can see in the photo on the right how I propped up those baby clothes... sooo cute!!!

I then stuffed everything else that I had, working forward, and putting all the goodies in all the right places. Now comes the hard part. Getting the entire basket into this basket bag. You can buy this at Walmart - in the arts n' crafts section, just look for the basket section, and this should be around there. There are other bags where if you heat it up with a hair dryer, it'll compress, and really look nice and professional. Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong type of bag, and got this one instead. It'll work.

After getting the entire basket into the bag, I took another photo again , it's a tight snug, but that's good. The part of the bag on the bottoms, I will pull back and tape down. So that it conforms to the basket's shape. I then add my ribbon. Sorry, the ribbon I have here is too skinny!!
Now to add a finishing touch - which is a lil' pink stuffed animal that I picked up. If you squeeze it's hand or tummy, it makes a cute sound. I thought i would make a great "bow". My basket is done. Ok - I hope you all have a great Sunday. I have to shut down and reboot as my Windows have updates. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.