July 4, 2008

RAK from Curt

Happy 4th of July All!!! Today I have a very special RAK to share, which of whom I received from my friend and fellow blogger, Curt. Curt was my match up for my JT RAK for the month of June. I am so THRILLED that Curt was my match up, because look at all what beautiful creations he has sent me!!! I was first giggly when I opened up his card, and saw the bee card that he made and posted on his blog - Curt's World, was for ME!!! Then when I opened up the lil' box that was tied cutely with some ribbon, and personalized with my "J" I was in AWE.... the 4 note cards that he created, each beautifully made in a different unique fashionable way, all personalized with a "J". Of course, he had to out do himself, and create a matching envelope to go with each card. Do you see it?! He matched the insides of each envelope with each card that he created. Just beautiful!!!
They are all so elegant, and such a touch of class. I just love all the blings that he used, as it just adds that "diva"feeling to each card. I showed these cards to the Spice Angels during my June Angel Gathering, and they were teasing that I "set up" the match between Curt n' I, knowing that a gay man would send such beautiful creations.... too funny!!! I didn't set it up, the Craft Gods just knew..... and I am totally grateful for that. Well, I just love these cards, and I don't know if I ever want to use them - because that would mean that I'd have to give them away, right?! Unless of course I send them to myself.... now that's a thought!! Thank You Curt!!! It was such a pleasure being matched up with you last month. You are a creative sweet man. I can't wait to see more of what you've got!!

Oh yea, and for those of you that want to receive and send goodies like these, you just might be interested in signing up for my monthly JT Aloha RAK fun (you need to sign up monthly, because it is a RAK that you can join in if you're in the mood). So go check it out, see if you wanna play, and sign up for the month of August when time comes around....

May you all have an awesome 4th of July weekend.... party n' party some more!!!