July 30, 2008

Created By Lori.... Keiki Boy In The Sand

Howzit People....

Just got home from the doctor's, I'm going to post this real quick, and then get working on my Craft Room. Oh, if you haven't heard - I'm trying to clean up my room, and make it neater (I was inspired by Maria).... so after this, I better hurry, because Grandma's bday is tomorrow - and I have to create a card, but need my area before I can even do that!!

2 of Little C's DT's are having computer problems right now, so I will be posting some of their creations here, until their computers are back up to par.

This card was created by my BFF and DT Lori. She used the stamp called "Keiki Boy In Sand" - "Keiki" means "Lil' Child". This is a stamp created by "Create In Me" formerly known as "Juju's Tiny Treasures", and can be purchased through my Little C's online store here. Lori also used a CB embossing folder which I sold out of. But MORE Cuttlebug Folders are enroute to me as I post this!!!

OK, a little about the stamp company "Create In Me". So far, Little C's is the only company to acquire RIGHTS in selling Create In Me products via the internet (besides themselves that is). I am also permitted to sell them unmounted as well - so cheaper is better, right?!?!?! Although the owners of CIM are NOT from Hawaii, the artist (Juliee Fujii) often draws images that resembles the nationalities and the cultures of the local people here. If you LOVE cute Hawaii images.... this is the stamp company that will feed your need. Recently, Julie contacted me via email, because she saw a CIM posting that I did back in July 2007!! I was floored to receive this email - as I am easily star strucked by any famous person - yea, Julie is pretty much famous in MY book. So anyways, in her 1st email, she explained to me about why the change of her companies name went from Juju's to Create In Me... and I am sharing it here with you (I got her permission to do this):

Julie's Email:

Tue, 15 Jul 2008 21:05:24 -0700
Hi Jen,
I was googling around today and decided to type, "Julie Fujii" to see if I existed and I came across your cute blog! Thank you for the little write-up of me (7/07); I am humbled and appreciative of your kind words.
FYI, the reason why the name change from "juju's tiny treasures" to "Create in Me" was to include other elements in our business such as logo and t-shirt designs, screen printing, and teaching art. I have been teaching art classes to students in my area and "Create in Me" refers to a verse that says, "Create in me a clean heart, oh God, that I may serve You." I love teaching kids and young adults to be creative, and use the gifts and talents that they have. I can see, through your designs and your choice of colors, that you are blessing many people with your gifts.:) Also, it's no fun anymore to be referred to "juju" when you're a dowdy, 49-year old woman! Not cute.
Also, although I am not from Hawaii, my grandparents were born and raised there, as well as my husband's family. Growing up, we spent many vacations there, and as a teen, I loved Kalapana, Country Comfort and C&K. I love the friendly atmosphere, the amazingly beautiful beaches, and of course, the spirit of aloha. Oh, and I can't forget the red ginger, crack seeds, and Matsumoto shaved ice!
Again, thank you for your encouraging words. Have a great day!
Blessings to you and yours,
Julie Fujii

After this email, I responded to Julie and we have corresponded back and forth several times, building a sweet friendship. All I can say is that Julie is a down to earth lady and she cracks me up, and you all read that she's not from here - but I tell you what, I can tell that it's in her genes!!! She's got the true Aloha Spirit.

Thanks Julie....

MORE Create In Me products are coming SOON!!! In the meantime - check them all out here.