July 10, 2008

Card #3 from June TAC Class

It is day #3 of featuring my projects from my June TAC classes. I hope you like what you see, the Spice Angels really had a great time together creating these projects.

On to my card. This image here is BY FAR the cutest stamp set that I've sold through TAC, and one of my favorites!!! I especially love her, because she looks like a little hula girl wearing a haku-lei. A Haku Lei is a lei made small enough to wear on one's head, and it is very traditional here in the State of Hawaii to wear during weddings or at May Day (May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii....). So, a lot of the locals here ordered this set from me. She is colored in using my Prisma Colored Pencils, and then with a blending stub, I use Gamsol to blend the coloring of my pencils, giving it a soft to touch color (LOL! that sounds cheesy!!!). Tac sells the Prisma Colored Pencils, but NOT the Gamsol. Gamsol is also known as "Odorless Mineral Spirits" - yea, I wrote "Spirits", at first I thought it supposed to be "sprits", cause it's "spritzing" right? But no.... it's "spirits". Ok, now listen... do NOT be going online via eBay or other stamp stores out there and purchasing 3 ounces of Gamsol or "Odorless Mineral Spirits" for $7.50 - because that is a fricken RIP OFF!!!! You can get an entire QUART for only $5.50. Where?!?!? You will find it at any (well most) home improvement stores, in the paint section. You can go to City Mill (here in Hawaii), Home Improvement (I don't know if this one still exists), or Home Depot. I bought mines at Home Depot, yep - in the paint section. If you can't find it yourself in the paint section, you will have to ask for "Odorless Mineral Spirits", the paint guys won't know what "Gamsol" is, unless of course you're at an Art store (and being RIPPED OFF!!!!!). LOL!!! Oh, and another thing... do NOT be fooled by the "Odorless" in it's name, because the suckah is STINK , and can make you high if you sniff in enough in one sitting. For those of you with asthma.. or other breathing problems - please use in a well ventilated room (and not one with AC), or you'll be breathing that in for hours... maybe even days - depending on how big that picture of yours is to be colored. Ok, so I hope I taught you a lesson today. =0) Here's what my card is made of...

Sorry for being long winded... Have a beautiful day today!!!