July 27, 2008

Blog Stuffs... Awards, and a Tip Jar for my blog....

First the awards... I received this awesome Brillante Weblog Award from my fellow blogging and stamping sisters, Jenn of Kiyomi Krafts and Kim of Basement Stamper. Jenn is a Hawaii local girl, who is my supah star sister. She has an "Aloha Friday" video every Friday, to show how she created her special project for the day. If you haven't ck'd out her site - then you are missing out. That girl has got moves that I cannot even come close to. On top of being an avid crafter and blogger, Jenn is also a mommy of TWINS and wifey to Travis, a Nurse AND a Student... dang, where does she find the time to do any of the fun stuffs, huh? Well, she does - and she does it WELL!!! Kim is a wife and mommy to 3 wonderful kids. She enjoy's stamping and scrapbooking in her spare time, and can often be found in the BASEMENT where all her goodies are stashed (and where she can hide from everything else). Kim honored me with this award together in a group of ladies that included Taylor Van Bruggen.... DANG - that was an honor in itself!!! Thank you ladies for this awesome award!!

This next award was given to me by other fellow blogging & stamping sisters, Jana of 2 Worlds and Allison of Stampin' When I Can. Jana has great talents in creating a lot, and I mean a LOT of mini albums. That girl cannot STOP!! She just keeps on going, and it really shows how much she loves creating them. Allison - you all know my girl Allison, right? She's just great all around. I love her lots, mostly because she's twisted like me at times... Smooches to you ladies....

To pass on this award, these are the rules that must be followed:

1. Only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Now for my **NEW** Tip Jar element. I have been blurfing lately, and came across several blogs with tip jars, or buttons for donation on up keeping a blog. Um Yea... My friend, Jan Scholl says "I have a Tip For Ya... The Tip of my BOOT"... LOL!!! So, I wanna jump on that bandwagon and get some tips too. But Save your FUNDS people - My Tip Jar is NOT a Monetary Tip Jar, cause we all need to save our lil' fund tips for GAS!!!! LOL.. When you click it, it counts as "applauds n' pats on my back".... it'll be fun to see it grow, and **imagine** that they were all dollars....LOL!!!

Your's Truly,