July 26, 2008

Blog Sistahz Alert.... & Announcement on Keiki Cards

Howzit Peeples....

Well, looks like the local community is growing n' growing - I would like to welcome some Blogging Sistahs of Aloha to blogland. Hawaii is such a "cutsie" state - we all love to create cute stuffs, so you gotta go on over and see these blogs, as they all got cute stuffs to share. Welcome Ladies!!!!

Now for a little announcement.... Have you heard of Keiki Cards? Well, Keiki Cards is a Honolulu based company that sends handmade cards out to sick children throughout the entire USA. Unfortunately, the owner of Keiki Cards recently announced their soon to be shutting down of their operation due to lack of funding. They'd like to continue as long as they can since they have an abundance of cards. What they need most are postage stamps and monetary donations (to send out the cards that they do have).

Therefore - if you would like to help with
postage stamps or monetary donations, please click here to make an online donation, or if you'd rather mail in a donation, please send to:

Keiki Cards
PMB 5-532
4224 Waialae Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

Let's extend the length of this organization as LOOOONG as possible, so that we can continue to bring smiles to children's faces and warmth within their hearts! (With just a $5 donation, Amber and her crew will be able to send out 11 standard sized cards!!!) - that is a whole lot of families that you and I will be able to send a little bit of Aloha to. Think about it - we spend hundreds of dollars to create and send to those that we want to touch the lives of....this is a totally perfect way to just do that.

Big Mahalos for reading today's very special posting.