June 6, 2008

Teacher Gifts, KIT Cards, Stars and Grad Photos

Me Again... hope everyone is having a wonderful Aloha Friday. Just wanted to share the "stuffs" I made for CY4's graduation.... and some photos from the event as well.

This 1st photo is to show you how they used the stars that I cut out with my Cricut Expression. How cool, huh?!?! They made it into a lovely hanging curtain... it was so awesomely set up. That's CY4 in the lower right hand corner of the photo. =0) Hi Baby!!!

The 2nd photo is of the KIT (Keep In Touch) cards that I made, and attached to 20 leis which he gave out to his friends and teacher. I even put on the back of the card, his XBOX Live Screen Name so that his friends that played XBox Live would be able to contact him.... oh but he's not going to be on there much - since he's got Summer School to attend this time around. YAY!!!! The leis are made out of candies... here in Hawaii, anything "good" comes in a lei... like "Good Bye" and "Good Luck", so you will see a lot of lei giving during graduation time. It is NUTZ but, das the aloha way.... =0)

The 3rd photo is the photo of the goody can I decorated for CY4's teacher - Ms. Leong. She's the bomb. She's down to Earth, very attentive to the children (I say this only because CY4 had an incompetent teacher 2 years ago), and the best part, she's same age as I am!! LOL!!! We plan on having some coffee time together in the future. Anyways, the pail is one of those clear pails, which I just covered with DS paper (which is sooo cute), and ribbon. I filled it with a teacher's stamp set of 6, some Bath n' Body Scrub and Bath n' Body Moisturizing Lotion. Just something small... so I hope she likes it. She'll be able to use the lil' pail later for pens n' stuffs, so I didn't want to go over board with decorating it....

While at the ceremony, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that CY4 was the recipient of the "President's Education Award Program" for "Outstanding Academic Achievement" - YEAAAAAA BABY!!!!! We were so proud and thrilled to hear our baby's name called... what a wonderful surprise!!!! He is really pushing himself to strive for the best in everything that he does. That is the #1 thing that we always remind him about, doing good in school, getting outstanding grades, which will allow him to have a bright future. It took awhile to get through to him - but I have to tell ya, we started telling him way back when he was in the 1st grade. I think back, and I know we were hard on him... but things are looking like they are all heading in the right direction now. Our job isn't done though - we still gotta push him, and keep him motivated in education, and keep reminding him that it's for his future. I think it's only the beginning, and we're all looking forward to this challenge!! But WOW huh, for this award?!?! That's the President's signature on there ya know... so how cool is that?!?!? Now for a few pictures that were taken during the ceremony. Look at my baby... really looks like a real graduation with all them leis up to his chin!!! Too Fun!!!!