June 26, 2008

Small Kine Update..... and JT RAK Monthly Sign Up...

Greetings Dear Readers,

I miss all of you, miss your comments and miss visiting my bloggin' sistahs out there. Thought I'd post a little something of what I've been up to. Not like I'm on vacation at some remote island, but not blogging and reading blogs kinda feels like a vacation. Anyways... here's whats been going on:

  • I received the TAC catalogs, and have been mailing them out. For those that have Pre-Ordered the catalog, they were mailed out on Monday, and should be arriving within 9business days (I sent it via Bound Printed Matter). For those that haven't ordered yet, I still have about 20 more left, I am selling them for $10, it includes shipping and which'll also pay for the catalog that will come out in the Spring of 2009. (You're paying up front for the TAC Spring/Summer 2009 catalog). After I sell out of the 20 that I have left catalogs are then $5 + $7 shipping, coming directly from TAC headquaters (plus tax). So, take advantage of my savings today!!! Email me at littlecs7@gmail.com before it is toooo late.
  • I took the kids to the waterpark on Tuesday. Yea, if you're on Oahu, go check out the waterpark, although I wish it was an indoor waterpark, because the sun was just smoldering that day. It was fun, hot and tiring. I especially messed up on my swimming attire... I was wearing my bikini bottoms but I forgot to bring my surf shorts. I am not big on showing off my voluptuous body....LOL. PLUS, I didn't shave/wax down south!!!!! So it was either purchase a surf shorts at the mini store that they have at the opening of the park, or suck it all in (my fats that is), and brave it out wearing my bikini, and hope that my curly q's don't show. Well - I went to the store, and found out that every fricken shorts in there sold for $50 or more. Are you fricken kidding me?!?!?! Yep, you know what I had to do.... I went for it.... sucked in my flabs (although I couldn't really hold it that long), and tucked all my curly q's in, and hoped to God that they wouldn't poof out while I come flying down those water slides. LOL!!!!! Can you imagine how paranoid I was throughout the entire day we were there? Yep - that was an experience. The kids had a great time though, so being a brave girl that day was all worth while.
  • I've started a **NEW** blog for my Little C's Stamps n' Things store. I've moved everything that had to do with LC's over to that site, and have also linked to the store to make it more efficient for those that are interested in my online store products. My sister is going to help me run that part of my business, and take on the blunt of it. I will be doing the advertising part though, since she is not computer illiterate. So I thought it would be nice to have a place for us to post all the samples coming in (thanks Ellie!!!), and post news of new arrivals, and announcements of anything to do with Little C's. If you would like updates of when posts are made to that site, be sure to subscribe to the blog by entering your email address in the "subscribe to this blog" section. You can find the blog here.
  • I have been working on some fun stuffs for this blog.... I hope I will be able to start posting by tomorrow. If not.... I will see ya when I see ya!!!! Oh ya, here's a Today's Hawaii photo for you... the pig is actually a pet pig of a friend of CY4's. Can you believe it?!?!?! A Pig for a pet... how cute is that?!?!?! I just HAD to take a photo of him to share with all of you. It's a very mellow pig too...
  • Oh yea... I'm taking sign ups for JT's Monthly RAK for the month of July!!! Please post a comment here if you'd like to participate next month's RAK. Those of you that participated for the month of June - you should've already sent out your RAK, if not, please send it out by tomorrow. Thanks for playing!!!!
Hugs n' Aloha,