June 4, 2008

Simple Note Cards

Hey All...

It's still quite busy here in the Young's household. CY4 graduates from 6th grade tomorrow (Thurs), and I'm still making some last minute things. Currently I am working on some "K.I.T" cards - they are "Keep In Touch" cards. I'm going to print his name and contact info on business sized cards, then attach to the graduation leis that we'll be giving out to his friends. So, his friends will in turn have his contact info during the summer, and they will be able to keep in touch that way. =0) I will share with you what they look like, when I am done.

I'm back to posting "Today's Hawaii" photos again... sorry, I have been slacking on this - I haven't been out of the house as much because of my cold, but I have finally pushed myself out the door to get some fresh air. This photo is of a "Panda Express" sign that we have here on Oahu. I am sharing this photo, because I wanted to show all of you former Hawaii residents that PE is now DRIVE THRU!!!! YEP... no longer confided to just walk ins... I never thought I'd see the day. What would really make me happy would be a drive thru Zippy's... man, that would be awesome!!!

Today I have these 5 simple note cards that I made the other day. I am loving the stamp set that my sistah Cheryl gave to me. It's the Autumn Leaves stamp set of the jungle animals. They are just toooo darn cute!!! To finish up the cards, I used an SU! element kit that I purchased some time ago, I don't even know if it is still available for purchase. But I sure made good use of them, and I still have left overs to use on more cards. I didn't have to color anything on these cards. Cards Size is 3-3/4" x 5".

Hope you are all having a great week.