June 3, 2008

NEW Poll is UP!!

Here's last week's poll and results... sorry took so long for me to put a new one up. Still trying to recover.

Pertaining To Men's Chest Hairs:

I love my man's chest because it is a mound full of fluffy hairs.
12 (16%)
I have my man shave his chest hairs, as I like a smooth chest.
2 (2%)
I love my man's chest the way it is - with little of no hair at all.
40 (55%)
I love my man's chest hairs, but I hate when they go into my nose at times.
15 (20%)
I WISH my man had some chest hairs.
1 (1%)
I am not into men, so I could care less if they had chest hairs or not.....
2 (2%)