June 11, 2008

Happy King Kamehameha Day & New Poll...

ALOOOOHA!!! Today is a State holiday, here in the State of Hawaii. It is King Kamehameha Day - the day that we honor King Kamehameha I, who is the chief that united the Hawaiian islands in 1795. Throughout the State, there will be celebrations of Ho'olauleia's (music festivals or block parties), here you can eat onolicious local food, learn about Hawaiian history and community activities, watch hula and listen to Hawaiian musicians. There are traditional pa‘u parade with horses and riders adorned in flowers and colors to represent each Hawaiian Island, throughout the State. The main attraction is that of a statue of the great King being draped with beautiful 22-foot-long leis.

So anyways - it's a holiday here... I will probably be school supply shopping today, and maybe we'll catch a glimpse of the parade while we are in town.

DO you know what else today is?!?! Well, today is "clean out my refrigerator" day - but I should've done it on Monday since Tuesday's are our garbage days. Oh well... anyways, this brings me to present to you a New Poll (see upper left hand column). Check it out - and thanks for playing on the last one. Here are the results.... I was hoping that I would find an easier way to create by the poll results. But looks like everybody pretty much create in whatever way they are feeling...

How Do You Start Your Project?

Choose Color Combo First, then Create.
13 (27%)
Color My Image, Then Choose Color Combo.
12 (25%)
Slap it together, choose color combo and color image along the way.
13 (27%)
I am not really sure.
9 (19%)

Have a wonderful day - I hope I can create before I head out today... if so, I will be back!!