June 9, 2008

Another Masking Tutorial

Here is another Masking tutorial. I did a little masking a couple postings ago, and had several comments about it. So, I thought I'd post this simple tutorial for those of you that asked. Masking is pretty fun to do, it is the technique that allows you to overlap images without image lines crossing over each other, and giving the other images the look of being in front or in back of each other.

Supplies: Ink Pad, Scissors, Paper, Card Stock, Rubber Stamp (I am using the watermelon from TAC's Auld Lang Syne - April's SOTM in this tutorial)

Stamp your image 1 time on a piece of paper (as you can see here, I used a piece of paper from my calculator roll).

Cut image out, on the most outer edge of the image's outline.

Stamp your image on to the card stock, take cut out image, and place over the stamped image.

This picture shows the "masked" imaged placed directly on to the image that is stamped on the card stock. Now stamp the next image right next to the stamped image, but directly on to the masked image.

When your "mask" is removed, you will see that these images will nicely overlap without any lines of the image crossing.

I continued the process, and masked where needed, and completed my card with a "pile" of water melons.

Complete your card with a sentiment you can use your computer or in this case, I used a stamp (Whipper Snapper), colored my melons with water color pencils, then added glitter to the fruit part of the melons. The sentiment was stamped in black ink, and then I went over them with glistening chalk from TAC's shimmer chalk collection, to give them a glow. I also added a border around the card itself using the same chalk color. Here is the end result.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, it is pretty easy, and very fun to do, especially if you are into "creating stories" with your stamps.

**Tip from Cal-Gal Nancy:

Nancy has left a new comment on your post "Another Masking Tutorial":

I have a little tip for masking... stamp on to a post it note.... make sure at least part of your image has the sticky part on the back... your mask will then stay in place!

Have a marvelous week my friends....