May 24, 2008

Saturday - Nice n' Hot Today....

Aloha All...

This morning... we had CY4's football game. It was a clear, hot n' sunny day. Although the winds were very minimal - it was nicer than most days have been around here lately. After the game, we headed to Waikele Golf Course for lunch at the clubhouse. Just the 4 of us. We ran into our Aunty Laverne n' Cousin Elva there (I actually worked with Elva before finding out we were cousins via married). Anyways, I took a picture of the trees at the golf course, and thought it'll make a beautiful today's Hawaii photo here. So here it is. They look so pretty on this beautiful Saturday, don't they?!?!! I took this photo while we were leaving, and driving in the car, so kinda blurry - but you get the picture.

Well, when I came home - to my delight (and to some of you), I have received the order of stamps from Stampavie, the company that supplies the "Lily & Milo" and "Sarah Kay" stamps. Unfortunately - this is only HALF of the order - just the "Lily & Milo" half. Therefore - I will be sending out these stamps to those that have ordered from my online store, and when the Sarah Kay stamps come in - I will send those out immediately as well. There is no mail on Monday, so these will go out on Tuesday!!! Yippee!!!! I'm so excited, and I can't wait to try them out.... can't wait!!!!

So what do you think of the pictures so far?! Why do I ask?! Well - I'm using a different camera (and let me tell ya why). Yesterday - it was CY4's banquet, and I took pictures there.... here are some that I took showing you how pretty the stars looked hung in the dining area of Ige's (2nd photo show the ONLY daddy that came out to help - he's on the ladder - Hey Troy!!!!). It was awesome. The slide show was awesome - and yes, everyone was asking and marveling about how I did it. But that is how it goes, right?!?!? Gotta share the love... it was sooo worth it for my baby, and I'm ready to do it again in 6 years from now when he graduates from HS!! Liz Chun of channel 9 news came to give an inspirational speech to the kids, and I just fell in love with her. That woman is down to earth, and just a sweet all around person. It was very inspiring for me to hear her speak, and I really hope that her speech has inspired the kids as well. But as I sat listening to her - I thought.... hmmmm... at this age, anybody that came to speak really didn't inspire me. LOL! They spoke, went in one ear, then out the other. LOL!!! Fo' Real... but I hope that some kids caught it, ya know?! Sometimes - it's not til' we're adults that we realize the things in life. But such is life. If the pole don't hit you in the head, your mutha will hit you in the head with it for you. LOL!!!! Well, I took home food from the banquet, because had soooo much, and you know you gotta help take home food, so that we don't waste, right?! I put my camera in the same bag as the food - big DUH on my part, I know... slap me!!! When I got home - there was Teriyaki Roast Pork sauce all over my camera..... ACK!!! Piss off!!! What a big dummy I am!!! Thank goodness for Scan Disks though - because at least my photos weren't ruined. So the 1st 2 photos were taken with my "back up" camera, and the photos from the banquet are from my "good" camera. I have a Canon, but only use it occasionally, since it's so big!! The photo of the grown ups are all us parents, grandparents n' guardians that came out to help.

Anyways... as I said earlier, Liz Chun came to the banquet, spoke and took some pictures - and told me to send them to her. Liz n' I are SISTAHS now!!!! LOL!!! She told me which pics to send to her - and of course I going listen, I like 'em be on TV... hahaha... so if you was watching Channel 9 News last night (Friday 6 p.m., KGMB9), then this video might look familiar... check it out (CY4 is the one in yellow n' brown and in the last photo with Liz Chun herself holding the Thank You sign that their class made):