May 26, 2008

RAK from Eunice Chong

Aloha All...

I received this awesome RAK from my blogging friend n' local sistah, Eunice. Oh oh, I just got word that this card was NOT created by Eunice, but Eunice purchased it from a craft fair (so thank you to that person that did create this). This card is a simple n' sweet yet pretty creation. You may check out what Eunice's creations though, by stopping by her blog called "A Star for Chiemi"... and for those that are interested in the Cricut DS program, Eunice has been playing with it quite a while now, and have been creating some pretty cool projects with it. So go on, stop on by and check her out.

Thanks for this awesome card, Eunice. I will be seeing you soon!!!

Big Hugs,