May 15, 2008

Questions about the ATG Gun/ Tape Refill

Couple of friends sent me questions, that I thought some of you might want answered as well....

This came is from Char:

Hi Jen,
Thinking of buying a ATG gun but which one do you have - the big or small one? I saw the big one being
demo'd and it looked kinda hard to handle. The tape sounds like a deal.

Another question - would I be able to use the refill without the gun - like the Heiko tape?

My Reply:

Hey Char,

I have the ATG-714, which can only use tapes of the size of 1/4", I don't think there is a small one, there is only 1 size. It looks hard, but after practicing with it for a little, you'll get used to it. As for using the refill without the gun - No Can Do!

This came from Jan:

Do you know if they sell the black thingie that fits over the roll called the roller rewind retainer by itself? I got an ATG gun from someone and there were no directions or anything and then I went looking online and they refer to this to hold the left over liner on the roll.

and do you know where to get the 1/4 inch adapter kit? I am using 1/2 in mine as that is all there is locally and hard to find at that. the dumb peice probably cost 25 cents but the minimum for them company for parts is 25 bucks.

My Reply:

Unfortunately, I do not know who sells the roll retainer, or where I can get that from, because I'm only dealing with the tape refill supplier, and not the actual gun seller themselves.

As for the adapter kit, gosh, I saw online for just 1 I think it was about $12, check out

Hope this helps others too... I'm off to create!!! I promise!!!!