May 30, 2008

My 1st Silly Participant....Updated! 5-26-08

UPDATED: 5-30-08....Added 1 more participant... Did I miss anyone?!?!?!

UPDATED: 5-26-08.... Scroll down to see more photos submitted for my Sweet Candi Pieces giveaway....

Yay!!! I have my 1st participant!!! This is a photo of Diane... such a trooper for sending in her version of a "Look Ma, No Hands" photo. Here she is - holding her piece of paper (or a laminated card stock maybe?!) between her chin n' her chest. Diane stood in front of her mirror and took the pic. Hey Ms. D... you gotta move your camera a little lower so that we can all see that chin of yours holding that piece of paper. LOL!!! How cute!!! Thanks for playing Diane... hopefully you have encourage others to be silly n' free.

I took another picture of ME doing a "Look Ma, No Hands" photo... thought I'd give all of you more silly ideas, and share with you how I did it. I placed my camera on my printer this time, set it on the automatic timer (this is the button that has a clock looking thing with the #10 on it as well), this allows me 10 seconds to get my shit together (can I say that?!), I then pose and it "clicks", takes my photo... I am holding here a nose spray... and cracking myself up while doing it. Can you say "nut case"??!!

Ok - I didn't put a deadline of when I need your photos... so - please have your photos in to me by Friday, 5/30/08, 6 p.m., Hawaii Time.

Please don't unsubscribe just yet - I promise to share something I've created SOON!!!! LOL!!! I'm just being the crazy nut I truly am.... you'll see - I won't disappoint you!!! =0)


Updated: 5-26-08: Hello again...just when I thought that not every one was as silly as me, I was wrong!!! There are so many out there that like to have a great time, and not afraid of sharing their goofy side. Thank you all for being such great troopers... so much fun!!! When I returned home from my outing last night, I received a bunch of emails from people submitting their photos... here's what came in...

Our 1st photo comes from Barbie Rosario. Her daughter Sunny is demonstrating how to not only hold an orange between her chin n' chest, but also holding up a soccer ball with her feet at the same time. Talk about talent!!! Sunny is in the 4th grade, and by the looks of it, she may become a trainer for seals at the Sea Life Park of Oahu. =0) Thanks for playing Barbie n' Sunny! This is so cute n' brilliant!!!!

The next photo was sent in by the talented and gifted Dee Swanick. She is writing with her toes!! You know, that's how you can totally tell that you are one talented crafter, when you are starting to color and write with your toes.... those toes really look like a hand holding a pen writing - this is great Dee... thanks for playing n' having some fun with me.

The next photo was submitted by the beautiful and talented Ms. Moe Montenegro. Look at Moe Go!!! Sistah is holding a cardstock in her mouth, and it's not just in a lateral flapping position - she's got it up right at the tip of her mouth. On top of that, she's got her hand going on, showing us the peace sign, to tell us that it is a "Piece of Cake" to hold that pose!!! LOL!!!! Yea Baby!!! Thanks for this shot of you girl, you got some wicked talent!!! Peace back to ya!!!

Thanks for sending your photo and having some fun with me, girl!!! This is just tooo awesome!!!!

The next photo was submitted by my fellow talented Angel, Ms. Jana. Jana is another talented sister that can hold a pen in between her toes. She says that she can color this way too. WOW!!!! That would be soooo awesome to see. Hope you can a video for us all, girl!!! By the looks of it - Jana must be left handed?!?! Are you Jana?!

Thank you sister, for playing along.... you've got a pretty foot!!!! That foot looks all ready to color too....

The next photo was submitted by Maria Bell - she took a picture of her daughter, standing on her head. Wow... I haven't done that in ages, I think not since I was 10 years old. LOL!!! I think I would be cracking up toooo much if I did this one... not to mention trying to breath, because my flabs would probably cover my entire face!!! My legs would probably be falling backwards too..... LOL!!!! My head would be squished. And look at her legs... dang, I am not that flexible... ain't going to happen!!! What a trooper Maria's daughter is, huh?! She's got talent!!!! Thank you for sending in such a fun pose, Maria!! Your daughter did a great job!!!

The next photo was sent in by another "upside down" friend. Her name is Pat Asaro, who has family here in Hawaii. Pat is pretty cool to do this... how cute, she's got a lil' stuff animal on her opu (tummy), and it's sitting comfortably on her like that.

Doesn't Pat look like she's on a ride going backwards?! Or one of those exercising machines?! Don't Fall!!!! What a fun fun fun fun photo!!! Thanks for playing and submitting your photo, Pat!!! You look like you're having sooo much FUN!!!

The next photo was submitted by Nancy Grant, it is a photo of her darling adorable daughter, holding an unmounted piece of stamp in her mouth!!!! LOL!!!! How sweet is this?! She is just crawling along, with that rubbah in her mouth, and not even thinking about if mommy is looking for that stamp... or if she was to hide it from mommy, if mommy would ever find it again. What a great rendition of "Look Ma, No Hands" right?!?! Such a cute pic to use... thanks Nancy, for submitting this. Also for reminding us that our children are always doing the "Look Ma, No Hands" deal, because they are forever carrying things with their mouths. What a sweetie!!!!

Check this photo out... it was submitted by the talented Mrs. Rita Santos. Check her out!!! She is not only holding a calendar on the top of her head, but she is also holding her phone between her ear and shoulder. I was teasing her that she is as always multi-tasking.... and look at her here!!!! LOL!!!! Well, this picture is the exact description of what Rita has been doing recently... multi-tasking and working hard with helping her daughter get ready for her wedding. What a sweet Mama!!! You go girl!!! Thanks for sending in this photo, my dear... such a fun photo to share. It's good to know that you smile while multi-tasking... keep on smiling and having fun, girl!!!

Ok, I have more photos to upload, but looks like blogger is having some issues at this time. So I will upload the other photos later. I just wanted to say that you are all great troopers, in taking these silly photos of yourselves and your family members. I appreciate that you take the time out of your busy days to participate in my fun blog giveaways. I hope this allows you to sneak away for a few minutes from the madness around us, and just "be silly" once in a while.... thank you.. and I look forward to more pictures in this coming week...

Updated: 5-30-08

Aloha Ladies... I have 1 more participant that submitted her photo, and another photo to share from Barbie Rosario. The 1st photo is submitted by Adrian.... LOL!!! She is HILARIOUS!!!! What a fun photo!!! Look at that kitty, but if you ask me, it ain't the kitty I am looking at....LOL!!! Thanks for playing, Adrian!!!

2nd photo was another photo sent in by Barbie Rosario of her daughter Sunny, and Sunny is holding an orange wedge between her teeth..... How Cute!! Brings back memories of my elementary days... LOL!!! Thanks for another great photo, Barbie n' Sunny!!!

Ok, there is still some time (about 2 hours) to submit your "Look Ma, No Hands" photo for my Sweet Candi Pieces Giveaway. I forgot to mention that I also am throwing in the RETIRED SU! stamp set "The Fine Print".