May 9, 2008

My 1st "Own" Cricut Cut....

Hey All,

Just wanted to share this with all of you and especially for you Cricut n' Design Studio users. This is the very 1st Cricut cut of my own that I've created. I have seen online that people are sharing these files - so thought I'd share this as well. Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, who knows - someone just might love it and want to use it. So here it is.... I used George Basic Shapes, and Accent Essentials to create this title. Therefore, if you would like to use this cut, you just need to have these cartridges on hand. Isn't this great?!?!?! We can even share files amongst other Cricut DS users that have the same cartridges, so that the other person can use the same cut out. I welded everything together.... the letters, the shapes, and the swirls - it's my 1st one, so I won't be surprised if people don't like it. Hopefully - along the way, I will start getting used to it..... 2nd photo is screen shot.

I just wanted to say that I haven't had the chance to visit blogs yet, and I will stop on by soon to check out what everyone else is doing. We have friends coming in from the mainland this afternoon, and will be spending our days n' nights with them... so hopefully I can sneak away for a little bit and pop in on your blog soon!!! But, have a great weekend... oh yea - if you'd like to download the file for this Cricut cut.... just click on the link below.

Click Here To Download "Mom" Cut File

Have an awesome weekend!!! I can't wait - we're eating at all kine yummy places... yahoo!!!!

Jumpin' for Joy,