May 3, 2008

JT RAK Club - Taking A Break!!!

Aloha All....

I am taking a break on hosting the JT RAK club for the month of May. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

On another's what I have been up to.... on Thurday I've mounted a ton of SU! stamp sets that were all waiting to be mounted on to creative cling foam. I watched 3 movies while mounting these stamps - "Juno", "I am Legend" and "27 Dresses". I cried watching both "Juno" and "27 Dresses"....Friday I dropped off some meds to CY3, because he was feeling ill at work, and need some heartburn meds. CY4 didn't have school, so after dropping off the meds, we took a trip to Ala Moana. We later hit Uncle Cliff's store (J's Knicknacks) and ck'd out what new stuffs came in. We left there and headed to Brian's (Photo craft) to check out the Make n' Take, but mostly to drop in and say "Hello" to Cheryl. I didn't do the MnT's - I'm not good at taking my time when my kids are with me. Cheryl was surrounded by ladies that were all excited about creating with Sizzix. Oh my goodness...... I swear - Cheryl looked like a piece of meat that was being swarmed by flies. I couldn't even say "goodbye" to her, actually, it was pretty hard to. Even when Cy was calling out to her, she didn't even hear. It was pure madness... hopefully I'll catch her on a weekday - when all those ladies are at WORK!!! LOL!!!! Today (Saturday) we watched CY4 play football (loss again!), but the weather was very pretty, and it was nice to be out there watching him. CY3 is sick - he finally caught the bug - Cy had it a lil' while before he did, but he didn't get as sick as the rest of us did.... he's a trooper!!!

I have a bunch of TAC orders that have just arrived, and I need to mount them all... I hope to be caught up with everything soon. Thanks for popping in...