June 1, 2008

JT Aloha RAK Club - June **CLOSED** - UPDATED!!

UPDATED: Added the names of those I've missed.....

It is time... sign up is OPEN for the month of June for JT's RAK Club. Click here to read info about it, and if you would like to participate during the month of June - post a comment here, and send me your info (Name, address, email, web url) to littlecs7@gmail.com.

Deadline to sign up - May 31st.


UPDATED: 5/30/08 - Here are a list of those that signed up so far for the month of June. If you signed up, and don't see your name here, please contact me at littlecs7@gmail.com and let me know. Deadline to sign up is tomorrow, so if you're interested, you've still got some time to join the FUN!!!!!

  • Melissa Fincham
  • Joan Ottevanger
  • Flossie Savarese
  • Moe Montenegro
  • Charlene McKenzie
  • Holly Murphy
  • Colleen Kwan
  • Melissa Schabel
  • De Swanick
  • Jessica Ottevanger
  • Jodie Cole
  • Teri Suzuki
  • Mary Bennett
  • Jayne Converse
  • Dottie Kinnear
  • Curt O'Brien
  • Adrienne Lundmark
  • Me