May 23, 2008

It's Time For Some Sweet Candy Pieces..... UPDATED!!

Updated: Photo of Goodies Added... Scroll to the bottom of this posting.....

Gosh, it seems like AGES that I've done one of these... actually, I just did a give away for my Blogoversary thingy. Well - my visit count is now pass 70K and well, it's time for more FUN GIVEAWAYS!!!! I have a whole bunch of stuffs that my girlfriend Kristy gave me to giveaway, so I'm going to dig into that bin and gather up a bunch of goodies to make into a lil' grab bag. I have something FUN and probably INSANE for you to do - that'll be totally off my ROCKERS, but I do hope you will play.....

But before I go on with the giveaway and what you need to do to qualify for it - here's a card for today... it's another Pink Petticoat image... isn't she a charm bucket?! I got this from the "Best Fishes" collection. These are sooo addicting, especially to perk these images up with some glitter... 2nd photo is of a close up - because I have to show you the glitz on this image, since I love adding them, ya know?!?! DCWV BG paper... always goes with anything glitzy.

Ok - now for Today's Hawaii... yea, I have the urge to share with you what each day looks like here in Hawaii. Right now, truthfully, it looks like crap out there. The Vog is back, and it is making me sick again... sore throat, running nose. Can you imagine all that guck going into your system - I'm just thankful (yes I am) that we don't have to go through it EVERYDAY, and I'm also thankful that my house is AC'd, because if it wasn't - then I'd be in deep ka-ka. The boys are being affected too... staying indoors are our best defense... but we gotta get out there somehow - like today, I gotta go and do the banquet... YAY - which I have to hurry up and stop talking, so that I can get going!!!! Yea, so that's the Aloha Stadium in the photo shown... and guess what is missing?!?!?! MOUNTAINS!!! Yep - no mountains... that's a pretty thick wall crap of vog that's blocking our beautiful mounts. I tell ya... I hope mother nature wakes up quick, and blow the vog away. If you look closely - you could make the outline of the mountains out.... NOT!!!!

Ok, enough torture.... here's the deets on my Sweet Candi Pieces giveaway. I will post later today on what the bag of goodies consists of. I just want to post this right now, so that it will start of the party!!!! So here it is... this is what you've got to do... you have got to email me with a "Look Ma, No Hands" photo - which means, you have to hold something up without the use of your hands. You can use your leg, your mouth, your arms - I dunno, be creative, make me laugh... be mento like me.... I've taken a photo of myself to show you what I mean. In my photo - you see that I am not using my hands to hold my bottle of anti-bacterial soap, but I am using my boobs and my nostril... yea - that is totally what I mean!!! So, jump in on the fun, send me a photo via email at - or upload to your SCS gallery, and label JYMC1 (Jen Young's Mento Challenge #1) so we can all look at all the mento photos at 1 time, and don't forget to leave a comment here to a link to your photo. Wait - I am not sure if it is allowed to post in SCS, because mento photos really aren't something craft related - LOL - just email me your photo, and I will post it to my own gallery!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with... I hope you are up for the challenge, and I promise you the Sweet Candi Pieces that I will post later, will be truly DELICIOUS and WORTH the silliness you will go through...

Have a great Aloha Friday today sisters....


Updated - added is the photo of goodies that I've promised. Here a list of what they are:
  • Autumn Leaves - set of clear numbers stamp set
  • 2 Autumn Leaves Clear Single Stamps
  • 1 New Bottle of Ultra Thick Embossing Powder
  • 1 Flower Blings (Large - Red)
  • 1 Flower Blings (Small - Blue)
  • 1 Pink Bracelet - For Breast Cancer Support
  • 1 New Box of Chipboard Goodies
  • 1 New Body Creme - Bath n' Body Sweet Pea
  • 1 Simple Scrapbook - 2 Minute Memory (10 Things I Love About My Husband)
  • 1 New Cuttle Kids Die Cut - Helicopter
  • 1 Pack of TAC DS Paper - Country Cottage (Retired)
  • 1 Pack of Page Pebbles (Round)
  • 1 New Stamp Set of 3 Flowers, and Double Ended Dauber (Hero Arts)
That's it.... thought more of you would join in, since now I've posted what it is that is up for grabs.