May 21, 2008

A Get Well Soon Card....

Hello All... it's Wednesday night, and I'm going to type as quick as possible, so that I can make the deadline for Feedblitz feed to catch my posting before the deadline. Which is in about an hour from now. So, excuse me if I have some typographical errors, or don't make sense at all during my sentences. I still have to post to my TAC blog as well..... so I'm really in a hurry!!!

Ok - first... here are some pics of today's Hawaii. Are you liking this? I kinda like sharing with everyone a photo of our Hawaii daily... I hope you are liking it too. If not, just skip over the photos, and head down to the card down below. Click on the photos to see a larger view. The photo on the left is of the 3 mini palms fronting my garage, by the looks of the sky in the background, it is cloudy and about to come down!! The grey house is my neighbor's house. The photo on the right is of rain water, falling through my broken gutter. It rained pretty hard today, but it's ok, it was was nice n' cozy to indoors.

Ok, on to my card for today... I made a "Get Well Soon Card" for my friend Bernee (she just visited with her hubby fr Seattle), who went into surgery today to repair 2 damaged discs in her spine. She has been having pains in her neck for a long time now, and have finally decided to get something done about it, rather than going through daily pains and having to take medication for the rest of her life. If all goes well, she should be out of the hospital and home by tomorrow. That's pretty quick, huh?! Well... I couldn't find any "Get Well Soon" sentiments, although I know I have one somewhere - I just wanted to finish the card already!! So, I thought that an "XOXOXO" would be good enough. That should do it, right?!?!?!

Here are the details: DS paper - TAC, Image - Whipper Snapper, Colored with my Copics, Card Stock - SU! & TAC, and Sentiment - TAC.

Take a look at the "XO" it's not really an "XO" stamp - it's actually a "to" stamp that I tilted a lil' bit to look like it's "XO" instead.... it turned out pretty cute, huh!??! I'm sending off a box of goodies to my dear friend, filled with Miso Soup Mixes, Fruit Gellies, and Dry Cuttlefish. She's going to be in recovery for 6 months. So, our thoughts and prayers goes out to Bern... wish we were there with you, Sweetie!!!

Have a good night, everyone. I off to post on my TAC blog.