May 27, 2008

Do You Karaoke?!

Well do you?! Karaoke?! I do... I love singing... LOL!! Not saying I sing good, I just love singing!! I buy all these Karaoke CD's, and then play it in my DVD player, got my mic hook'd up, and am singing to the world. Well, actually just to my neighbors (when the windows and doors are open, that is). Some of the CD's that I buy come in sets. When they come in sets they come in this box type thingy, with 2 rings inside, with 4 CD sleeves that could hold up to 8 CD's total. I usually take all the CD's out, and put them in a CD folder with the rest of my CD's. Where am I getting with this? Well, after taking out the CD's, I am left with a CD case, and 4 sleeves that could actually be altered. Which is what I did with the CD case that I had of one of the Karaoke set that I had. I've altered it to make a short n' sweet album for Wini. Remember!?! I said it was her birthday last week? Well, I haven't forgotten to share it with you... a couple of years back, Wini, Teri and I have agreed to stop giving gifts to each other that were store bought. We've agreed to give each other handmade products instead. SO here it is... my handmade gift for Wini....

Deets: DS Paper - Basic Grey
Chipboard Tags: American Craft

Have a great week!!