May 27, 2008

Cards Made By My SIL - Ida

I have told you a little about my SIL, Ida, right!?!?! Well she too is into creating cards. I gave her a bunch of scraps to use, and HOLY MOLY!!! She came back with a bunch of beauties. Man, am I so glad that I gave them all to her, knowing that they are all going to great use. I wish I was able to do what she does, and just throw a card together. Here are some of the cards she created with the scraps I gave her. She even made some with TAC images, you can check them out here.

I had a long day today.... I was out all day, and I'm going to have a LOOOOONG week because CY4 ends football this week, and 6th grade graduation is next week - so you can imagine all the stuffs I'll be creating for his teachers, and stuffs. I want to really make something special for 3 of his teachers at his school. 2 of whom wrote spectacular reports on CY4 and his accomplishments for the years he has been with them, which I feel have helped him get into the private school he's going to attend, and 1 teacher who is retiring. So, I gotta talk to myself, and ask myself to spin those wheels!!! Hurry Hurry!!! (Here we go again!!!!). Well, with that said, I think I'm going to let Ida take over my blog for the next few days.... LOL!!! Please enjoy....

Well, before I end this post - here are Today's Hawaii.... 2 photos of the State Capitol of our State of Hawaii. Yep - I was passing downtown, and thought I'd take a few pics of the State Capitol. I have been inside the capitol once.... other than that 6th grade field trip - I only pass it while in town. So there you have it.... the home of our government leaders.... LOL!!!!

Ok - have a good night. Don't forget to check out the TAC cards that Ida made. Thanks for popping in.