May 22, 2008

Busy Day Today......Ways To Use It: Wood Blocks From Stamps

Hi There!

What a crazy busy day it was for me today.... first, I completed the 56 stars that I have been talking about almost in every post and every Tweet that I write. Tomorrow (Friday) is THEE banquet, so I HAD to complete this project today!!! So, here they are... the gold stars... each star was cut using my Cricut Expression. Then, with my DS program, I welded each letter of each child's name, and cut them out individually (as much names as I could fit on 1 12x12 sheet of card stock). I then used my own created glue spray, sprayed glue into a plastic container, and then dipped each name into it then adhere each name to 1 star. The cartridge that I used is called "Alphalicious" and that it is... it looks so deliciously inviting, don't it?! So there - you won't be seeing me type anything more about these stars. Yay! I'm Pau!!! (See sidebar for meaning of this lingo).

After finishing up the stars, I headed to my SIL's house. I had coffee with her (Starbucks) while we talked stories about stuffs. You know, any kine stuffs. We are both SAHM's so we try to get together at least once a week to have an intellectual adult conversation.... LOL! Actually, we not talking like we smart, more like we talking pidgin to each other, and cracking up at nonsense stuffs. Anyways, while over there - I caught our boys in the toy bucket... they've emptied out the bucket, and squished themselves into the bucket together... look at our cute lil' fellas!!

After an hour, I was back on the road, went to drop off lunch to my main squeeze, and then I was off to pick up Form-14 at Cy's pediatrician. All you SOH peeps, you all know what Form-14 is right?! If not, it's that shot record that I have to get before sending Cy to Preschool in September. Yep - you heard right, my lil' man is going to go to Preschool!!! How exciting, huh?!?!?! He is SOOOO ready (and so am I....LOL!!!!). Well, it's going to only be for 3 hours a day, not much time, but yet enough time - KWIM?!?! I know you do. Anyways - while at the Dr's office, they advised that they need to do a hearing test for him... so there you have it - mommy had to bus out her camera and get a photo shot while he was taking the test - look at his face, you can see how he is concentrating on where the sound is coming from. Too Cute... Love them cheeks....

After the doctor's office... I headed to the windward side of the island, and surprised Ms. Wini. I wanted to drop off the birthday gift that I had made for her. I will share that with you in a later post. For today, I have here "Ways To Use It" the wood block from a stamp that I will not need, since I now use my stamps with the creative cling/EZ mount foams. Well, of course I'm not going to deny my funds from SU!, I still need to buy some of their items, once in a while, right?!?!! Well, their stamps come with the wood, instead of tossing them out, I thought up some cool ways to use them. Guess what I did??!?! I've turned them into magnets!!! I've stamped directly unto the wood, either with colored ink (1st photo), or a outlined stamp and then colored in with my Copics (2nd photo) - and then I seal it with a layer of Modge Podge. Then I embellish, add a magnet to the back and whala!!! The 1st wood block was made with SU! stamps, 2nd wood block is with a Whipper Snapper stamp, and a TAC sentiment. You pretty much dress it up as though you are creating your card, but just with a limited space. My next go would probably add modge podge to the entire block but first covered with DS paper... we'll see.

They'd make super cute gifts - although, it may fool a stamper thinking it's a stamp, right?!?! Actually the one with the sentiment is part of the gift set that I've given to Ms. Wini. The other magnet block was given to my SIL.

Ok - I hope you all had a marvelous day today... oh - I almost forgot... a photo of today's Hawaii.... it is Mango season right now in Hawaii, and I caught a glimpse of this Mango tree which is in the neighborhood of CY4's school. Such a big tree, full of fruits. Man, look at all those fruits, huh?!?! My mouth is just salivating, thinking of all that sweet juicy mango!!! Yumm-i!!!!! Well, I didn't have to pull any off the tree, my sweet sister, Rose stopped by this morning and dropped me off a bag full of mangoes from her tree. Can't wait til' they get ripe!!!!

Ok - so there you have it.... my full day... I'm totally excited about the banquet tomorrow, and can't wait for them to see the stars and see the slide show that I've worked on. I'll be chaperoning the entire day with the kids... so I better get some sleep RIGHT NOW!!!!

Have a wonderful Aloha Friday tomorrow....

Aloha from Hawaii,