April 1, 2008

Something for the local ladies of Hawaii...

Hi all!!! I just have to share this. I went to Allison's page, and saw that she was sharing a little about the Canadian dollar. Well - I thought it was funny (local Hawaii way)....here is what she wrote:

A loonie is our dollar coin (it has a loon on it hence the name). A toonie (or twonie) is our two dollar coin. It was adapted from loonie since "bearie" (there is a polar bear on it) just didn't sound as snappy.

***I left a comment for her that I think only us girls would understand....here is what I typed to Allison:

"how funny... 1 "loonie" here means 1 "crazy" man... and "2 toonies" here, means - 2 lady breasts.... tee hee..."

Isn't that soooo true??!

Ok... sorry I haven't posted any creations yet. Today was a busy day. Sending out orders and then ironing & washing clothes... those of you that have been keeping up with me on my twitter - sorry if this is old news to you. I have 2 more hours before feed burner sends out their daily feed.... I also haven't had the chance to pair up people for the JT RAK yet - thanks for your patience!!!