April 27, 2008

Scrappin' Sunday

Hope everyone's Saturday was fab, yesterday. The air is still heavy with the VOG floating around. The entire state looks like Los Angeles!!! It's making my head cold worse, and making feel even more miserable!! Sure glad that we have A.C., or I'd probably be killin' over by now. CY4 played flag football on Saturday, and he made a touchdown!!!!! I was screaming (with all my might, because my throat is crazy sore right now), and I was yelling "go! go! go! RUUUUUNNNNN!!!!", and all the way he went - I was sooo proud!!!! Unfortunately, they lost. It's ok though - it was just so much fun to watch. I wish I could bring some of my stuffs to craft during the game, but it gets soooo excited, I don't know how I'd find the time to bring anything out. After the game, I went to the pet store to get a muzzle for Ceasar. He's a friendly bitter n' licker (Mama Wini knows).... and it can get irritating, so a muzzle had to go on his mouth. I'm going to get one for my other dog (Pup-pup), because his bite is even worse.

Anyways, today - I'll be getting together with some of my girlfriends whom I used to work with. We're going to be making favors. I am just going to show them the favors I've made during this past week, and then create from there. I have a few that I think they will truly like, so I already purchased a bunch of goodies to have them create with. I hope I don't feel as sick as I do right now.

Here is the Digi Scrap page I have to share with you today. It is a page featuring my brother in law and his family during a party we had last February. I used my Adobe Photoshop Elements Program and elements are from www.d-originals.com. Adrian asked me about how I go about creating my digital layouts. Basically, I use my Photoshop Element 5.0 program, then just drag n' drop elements to where I want them to go. You can purchase elements online or from CD's at any computer store like Comp USA or Best Buy. I will be adding a section to my sidebar to links of where I purchase some of my elements. I hope this helps, Adrian!!

Have an awesome Sunday Sistahs!!!