April 10, 2008

RAKs from Wini

The other day, I spent the day out with Wini. I think we just might do a get together on a weekly basis.... at least the thought sounds great, but if it's going to happen? Well, we're "if can, can - if no can, no can" type of gals, so anything goes....

Anyways, we hit a few stores while we were out n' about. Went to J's Knicknacks (that store is always on our list of "must" ya?!), and found out that some jerk(s) vandalized his store by throwing a rock into one of the store windows. It's a good thing that a whole bunch of stuffs were up against the window, because that stop the thieves from going further than the window. Thank Goodness it happened after hours, and that no one was hurt. That's one of the things I don't have to deal with when maintaining an online store. Anyways, I picked up this class kit that I reserved for myself, because there was a class there this weekend. I have to put the kit together and show you how adorable it is. I didn't buy much but about 7 packs of $1 stamps. I also got Cyrus some collector cards, as Uncle Cliff sells those cards there too for the men/boys. A great combo!!!

We then picked up some plate lunches, and headed back to Wini's, so that we could relax on her patio and have lunch. It was a wonderful relaxing day. Wini is always sharing things with me... so she gave me these 3 cards that she CASED from ladies that blog. I only know that the one with the big nose was CASED from Dawn. Thank you to those that have inspired Wini's creativity!!! The only thing I forgot was to take a pic of Wini n' I on our day out together. Well, there's always next time, right?!

Card Deets: All supplies are of Stampin' Up!

Thanks for a great day, Wini!!!