April 29, 2008

RAKs from Malieta

Lookie what I received from Malieta!! Malieta is actually one of my Spice Angels (level 2), but since we were bloggin' sisters before she jumped on in to join my team, I felt this blog would be a better place for me to showcase these lovely RAK's she sent me. She is so awesome!! This card that she created is just tooo cute! I have admired it so much when she posted it on her blog, and to my surprise - I was the recipient of it. How lucky of me!!!! Check out all the details of her card! She is the layer queen!!! I just love all the layers she has on the front of this card, and on the inside, her lovely note was on a layer of cardstock as well - how special!! It's fabulous!! I could never do as much layers as Malieta does, she just knows how to put them all together nicely, and does a wonderful job at it. The 2nd photo shows all the layers of the card.. and check out the flowers. Tooooo cute, huh?! Love the pierced corners too.... I've tried that, but I just don't get it quite right yet. I am also a big fan of Malieta's coloring skills. This girl has some awesome coloring talent. She is truly amazing to me. Mz. Bella here has on a "glittery" bikini, and her eye lashes are glittered as well. The love in creating this card truly shows, doesn't it?! I am so blessed to be a part of Malieta's circle of friends. There were more goodies in the box that Malieta sent me.... oh my!!! Stamps!!! A Kitty Bella Stamp.... a stamp from Gina K. (? - I think?), and a light up sticker cake. You can see in the photo where the candles of the cake is lighting up. It is soooo cool!!! Malieta also sent me ribbons (she knows how I ADORE ribbons!!!), and a tin can and some labels too. I am excited about decorating the tin can - and have wheels turning in my head. So I can't wait to create with all of these things. What great cool stuffs huh?!

You know - I just gotta say, since starting this blog - I have made plenty of friends, some of those that I can say they are honestly "close to my heart". Not just because I receive goodies like these - but because their comments are sincere, their emails are meaningful, and their personalities just shine through... I am grateful to be a part of an awesome stamping community - each and every one of you make my day!!!

Thanks again, Ms. Malieta!! You my friend are always making someone's day!!!

Big Hugs All Around...