April 9, 2008

A Quick Quickie

What's a quick quickie? Quicker than a quickie... I just wanted to post a little something. Although I'm on break... I am having withdrawals. Bloggin' is in my veins... just wanted to share along the way... here is what I've done so far with the 1st batch of favors. I'm making 40 for a friend of mines. The actual favors are all stacked within each other (pouches).... I've got some tweaking to do on them... but this is what I've done so far.... those candies are Mn'M's, and are personalized with my customer's name and message - I'll take a close up of it later. Colors represent the school that she teaches at.

Break is great. I think I needed a break from Spring Break. But looks like I'm picking things up again. My SIL is coming over today, so she'll be able to help me with these babies!!! I'll post more pictures along the way....

Have a good day!!