April 24, 2008

More Blogoversary RAKs

Aloha All....

Hope everything is going well with everyone. I was able to craft small kine favors, but will post them later. I think I am coming down with something that CY4 had... my throat is beginning to hurt, and my nose a little runny. Anyways, I have these awesome Blogoversary RAKs to share... I am so grateful to all of you!! You gals are such great blog buddies!!!

From Jo who is a Spice Angel of mines, and who always send me cards. She is such a great friend to have around, and the type that will brighten your day if it ever was gloomy!! She's great when your day isn't gloomy either. LOL!!! She added glitter to her roses, and it's so cute!!!

From Charlene - Love the flowers on this card, and how she put each letter of the sentiment together. She also sent me some clear stamps - YAY!!! I always have room for more goodies!!!

From Gina Wrona (you should ALL already know this non-bloggin' but blog supporting lady!!) - this is so original, huh?! Yummy piece of cake....looks like chocolate guava... yumm-o!!:

From my friend Jas (no blog) - she made this accordion card, which is pretty neat. It is similar to the one Dawn has on her blog. However, with this one - Jas made her middle section where a little something could fit in.... I just had to show off that lil' something.... she knows it's one of my favorite stores to shop at, since we've bumped into each other there....

From Melissa Fincham, who also sent me a very lovely note inside (Thanks girl!! Your note was so sweet!!!). Look at the sentiment, it is soooo funny!!! Melissa doesn't annoy at all though - I hope it's not the other way around either!!! LOL!!!!:

Last but not least - this very cute n' darling creation made by my friend Eunice. I believe she did this on the Cricut, but am not sure if she used the Design Studio to create it. It is a Tri-Fold Card, made the same way a criss cross card would be made, but the flaps on her card flips open. Check out the poem she's written... isn't that soooo cool?!?!! I love all the blings on the crown, and it is just something too cute!! Thanks girl!!!

Thank you ladies for taking the time out of your busy lives to create a sweet lil' card for me!!! I appreciate every single one of you!!!