April 17, 2008

MIA for 2 days....

I know, I know.... It's Sizzix week this week, and here I am, missing.... well - this weekend, I have my Angel Gathering on Saturday night, and I had to first think of the projects that I wanted the girls to do. I'm such a nut when it comes to the monthly gatherings, because I whack my brain trying to think of something that I can come up on my own. Of course that never happens.... I resort to CASING someone else's work, which is fine, but then I try and make it my own. Anyways - yesterday, it was a spontaneous day. Being in the rut I was in, Ms. Wini gave me a ring in the morning, and said that she was coming over after her dance lessons. I had somewhere to go in the morning, but was going to be back early - and asked her to swing by right after. She was right on time!!! She was also in the feeling of wanting to create this project. I on the other hand did NOT want to do "coupon" books.... well, only because my mom and my MIL both don't understand what "coupon" books are - and I don't think I want to try to explain it to them. Id be so frustrated, I'd have to take it back. hahaha....

Anyways, so Wini comes over - wants to make that project, and she decides to use the Sizzix Large Scallop die cut.... YAY!! It's a Sizzix item, right?!?! So, my wheels are turning, and I say I wanna put pictures instead of doing coupons... hmmmm, and then the thought of using my Sizzix dies for this project started dancing in my head... and oh yummy - Wini and I was cranking, pasting, cutting, laughing, teasing, and loving, loving, loving what we were creating!!! The black ink that we used is Nior Black Palette ink.... love it!!! It's dark, crisp and luscious!!!! Here in Hawaii, you can get it from Ben Franklin's for about $6-$7.... or you can get it from ME!!!

So here is the project. Keep in mind that it is SUPPOSED to be a 12 month coupon book, therefore, Wini cut only 12 tags. I wanted to have tons of pictures.... and have printed 24 photos (which we will also use the backing of each tag). We didn't have enough time to complete the entire project, but we were able to do at least 6 of them. They are all posted here on this posting. All die cuts are of Sizzix. I think this posting should at least make up for me being gone for the past 2 days right?!?!

ALL SENTIMENTS are of The AnGEl ComPanY... you know - the company that I Demo for?! hahaha.... I love there simple sayings, and how sweet and frilly some of them look.

To cut out my Sizzlit die cuts, I used my **NEW** sidekick (My Hubbabbaba (hubby) got it for me as a "Happy Blogoversary Gift")... ain't it a sweet looking thing?!!! Now the tag shown here is actually my 1st page of our scrapbook. I wanted to add a "flare" to it, by using plastic sheets to make the butterfly and dragonfly look 3D - I got this idea from Cheryl, because I saw her sample at J's. You can purchase these plastic sheets from J's Knicknacks - or you can be a CHEAP-O like me, and cut them from plastic box containers such as your TAC stamp containers (since you ain't gonna use them anyways - of course if you store them in DVD cases or in folders)... or in this case - I cut it from the plastic casing that my lil' pink sidekick came in!!! Here is a picture of the case and what I've cut out. It only shows that I cut out the back of the box, but after this picture was taken, Wini cut out all of the sides, and any other smooth edges that were "die cutable". Wini and I were working like clockwork. It was so much fun, and we both were feeling pretty "tickled" about the whole project. It was something that were weren't doing for any class, just a "spontaneous" type of project to create. We were both working on it together, and thank goodness Cy was in somewhat of a "good" mood.... today I will have to take him out on a walk, since he was such a good boy yesterday!!! Oh but if the weather permits... it looks gloomy right now.

These close up photos are of the dragonfly and the butterfly. If you look closely, you can make out the transparent die cuts, which I've bent the wings back to look like it's popping from the page. Every Large Scallop die cut was cut out by Wini, and then she stamped with SU!'s Paisley background, which thank goodness she did, because she was actually going to stamp flower images - and oh boy... that would've taken even longer, huh Wini!?? The transparency die cut of the butterfly is more prominent in this picture. So, you should have a better idea of what I'm talking about now....

Time fly by sooo quickly - we were only able to complete 6 of these fun pages. Today, I hope to complete the rest of the book... I am still undecided as to how we should bind them. We were thinking about using a ring right at the top, or to use bind it all rings.... still up in the air. Do you have any suggestions? We would love to hear your ideas.

I have yet to complete the cutting of my TAC kits for my Angels this weekend... and because Wini and I worked on this project, I don't think it slowed me down, but rather motivated me to move my ass, and get going!!! Now I want to finish them kits so that I can finish this project. I'm so excited about it all!!!

The more I work with photos, the more I am convinced that I was supposed to be a scrapper in the 1st place (rather than a card crafter). Working around pictures -for me- seems to be a lot more fun than trying to think up ideas with creating cards. But really, these two hobbies are endless and together combined just fun to do, right?!!!

Ok, well - I think I've talked enough... here are the rest of the pages.... I hope you like what you see. I will upload the remaining pages... and hopefully the entire book when I'm done. Big Hugs to Wini for coming over on the spare of the moment yesterday.... it really does seem like it's becoming a weekly thing, eh!??

Have a wondrous day ladies...... toodaloo!!!