April 25, 2008

Another Baby Favor

Here it is.... another baby favor, and creating with Sizzix again..... this is a surprise pull thingy, which is usually made with a bag of popcorn. I am using Pop Tart in this favor, hence the sentiment that includes "poppin' mommy" - I thought that was such a cute pun.

So, when I pull on the ribbon - out comes the pop tart (see photo #2).

Well, I'm sure glad that it is Friday. I was getting pretty bored of creating with Sizzix the entire week. I know... it's my own challenge, but I think sometimes, when I put limit or guidelines on my own creating, it can get pretty boring. I love using the Sizzix line though, just was a little too much of it.

After my get together with my girlfriends this weekend, I will be working on the slide show - I know I've mentioned this previously, but fo' real, I gotta get working on that project. So, I might not post as much creations neither create as much as I want. We'll see....

Today I went over to Wini's house.... and we had a little class that consisted of the projects Teri had at her class last weekend. Here is a picture of me and the famous Winster.

Hope you all have a great weekend.... I'm off to digi scrap....