March 12, 2008

Tagged by Nancy Grant

I've been tagged by Nancy of Inkcicles.... here where you get to know me a little better:

What were you doing ten years ago?
1998: I was working for a printing company, not knowing that I was soon to be laid off and going back to work at Title Guaranty of Hawaii... I was also going out with my girlfriend Terry almost every weekend, hitting the clubs. My, things have changed!!!!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
The year was 2007. I was consoling my SIL, as 2 of her brothers has just passed away, 2 months apart.... at the end of the year - her 3rd brother passed away. It was a terrible year for my SIL. May all of her brothers Rest In Peace!!!! I also was just starting up my blog thanks to my friend Teri.... I remember us both trying to think of ways to share our artwork.... almost 1 year later I am still here....

Name your five favorite snacks.
1. Chocolate - Milk Chocolate, Hershey Kisses and Dove to be exact
2. Shave Ice - Strawberry Flavor
3. Cashew Nuts
4. Mentos Candies (Especially Grape n' can't get GRAPE here in Hawaii - so if anybody can HOOK ME UP!!!!!)
5. Red Iso Peanuts

Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire.
1. Charlie will quit his job
2. Mutual Funds n' Kid's College Funds
3. Buy a HUGE house
4. Open a Make n' Take Stamp Store
5. Wish that I was a Billionaire instead!

Name five things you like doing.
1. Papercrafting
2. Blurfing
3. Karaoking and acking like I one supah star singah!!!
4. Crusing around the island on a nice sunny day.....
5. Partying and hanging out with family and friends

Name five things you would never wear again.
1. Jellys
2. Water Filled Bras
3. Bandanas
4. Earrings and Belly Rings
5. My 5 Inch Sparkle Light Blue Boots that I still have in my closet (boo hoo!!!).

Name your five favorite toys.
1. My Laptop
2. My Digi Camera
3. My Cricut Expression
4. My Big Shot and Cuttlebug Machines
5. My Dyson Vacuum

And now for 5 people I'm tagging... Teri (this may help you shake off the blues), Maria (this could be something fun for you since you haven't posted in a while either), Jean (cause you've been MIA for a while - a long while now..... where are you?!?!?), Ellie (cause I wanna get to know you better, girlfriend!!!!), and Jo (cause you going crack me up with your answers too!!!).

HAVE FUN LADIES....Now get to it!!!!

I have also been awarded by Corie for this "You Make My Day" award.... how cute... thanks Ms. Corie!! You totally make my day too!!! So do all of you.... thank you all for your continue support in visiting and commenting on my blog. I can't believe that it's been almost a YEAR that I've been doing this.... WOW.. sounds like I don't have a life, do I?

Have a great day!