March 16, 2008

RAK's of the week....

Here are some RAK's I've received this week. Thank you ladies!! You are too kind!!!

From my friend Corie - such a sweet dahling card. The funny thing is, these stamps got no heads on them. Kinda like how I know Corie... we both don't know what each other looks like in person (only pictures - and pictures can be deceiving...hahahha!!!), but yea, she sent me this card for my birthday, and I totally love her color combo, and her thoughtfulness. Big Mahalos Corie!!

This card was made by my stamping sister and fellow Spice Angel - Jo!!! This is her 2nd birthday RAK to me. What a sweetie!!!! You make me feel so special, sister!!!! Thanks Jo!! The sparkles on the butterfly is just soo pretty. Of course I took a close up of it so that I can share with you the sparkles as well.

My photos seem kinda dark, don't they!?!? Well, my original background blanket is in the wash, so I'm using another blanket. That's probably why?!

Also, how do you like my new blog style?! I kinda like this "clean" look. I loved how my friend Cheryl's blog turned out after changing her template, and thought I'd do the same to mines. Also, the font on my blog is different. I loved the font from Charlene's blog. The font that I am using is called "Segoe Print". However, if you don't have this font downloaded on your computer, the font would simply look like the font "Georgia" to you. Anyways, thanks for pointing me in the right direction to getting my blog looking pretty snazzy Charlene!!!! I totally LOVE IT!!!!

Spring Break begins tomorrow..... the kids and I are looking forward to some fun days together. Cy and I are still ill, and hopefully it'll be a better week for us.