March 31, 2008

JT RAK - April: Sign Ups

Aloha, here are the list of sign ups so far. There is 11 hours left to sign up, then I will start matching up people. If you have signed up, and do NOT see your name, please email me immediately so that I can be sure to add you on.

  • Teri Suzuki
  • Claire Bzdega
  • TA Carbone
  • Holly Murphy
  • Bev Hammack
  • Flossie Savarese
  • Connie Hacker
  • Lillian Friday
  • Mary Binder
  • Jayne Converse
  • Mary Bennett
  • Sue Mac Donald
  • Jodie Cole
  • Nancy Winn
  • Deb Golan
  • Melissa Fincham
  • Charlene McKenzie
  • Pat Sergeant
  • Jen Young
That's it for now.... 11 hours more to go... thanks!!!

I'll be back,