March 6, 2008

JT Aloha March RAK **CLOSED**

Aloha All!!! Here are the list of participants for the month of March. Did I miss anybody?! If you don't see your name, please email me ASAP, I am do the random match ups today.... I will be sending out an email within 2-3 hours. If you do not receive an email from me by tomorrow morning, please contact me to let me know, as your email may have been lost in transition. Thank you all that are participating this time around..... let's have some fun!!!!!

  • Teri Suzuki
  • Angie Lilavois
  • Jodie Cole
  • Monica Weaver
  • Jayne Converse
  • Mary Bennett
  • Penny McMillan
  • Dottie Kinnear
  • Carol Lee
  • Holly
  • Melissa Schabel
  • Lillian Y Friday
  • Florence Savarese
  • Pat Sergeant
  • Melissa Fincham
  • Deborah Golan
  • Pheobe Scovel
  • Me