March 24, 2008

Sweet Candi Pieces Giveaway: Happy Monday... and MORE Happy Things.....

***Update: Instead of the $5 online coupon to Brian's "All Natural Accents" online store, Brian has up'd the online coupon to $15 per random winner!!!!***
Read Below n' Find Out What You Need To Do!!!

Oh My!!! What a weekend, huh!?!? Well.... this past weekend, was a super long and fun one for me. First, I'd like to say that yesterday, not only was it Easter
Sunday, which was spent with my family - but it was also my "BLOGOVERSARY"... Get your own free Blogoversary button!that'sright.... I have officially been blogging for 1 entire year!!! Although I have taken a few breaks here n' there, I pretty much posted on a daily basis. Some of you may think, "Wow, What a Life".... and then there are those that will think, "Wow, Get a Life"... hahaha.... but hey, whatever way you may see it, I surely hope that I have entertained you, and contributed to your creative life. It has been my pleasure to share my ideas, and inspirations, and I hope to continue doing this for a long time. Well, as you all know..... with every celebration on this blog, comes "Sweet Candi Pieces". This is how I'm going to do it this time around.... for every Blogoversary/Anniversary Card I receive through the mail, I will send a lil' sweet treat back to you!! Please.... 1 card per person only. Your envie must be postmarked by the 15th of April, 2008. So send your card to me, and receive a goody back..... If you need my snail mail addy - please email me at, and I will provide it to you.

As for our Easter gathering yesterday, like I said, we've celebrated with family at the park. We've also celebrated my niece's 13th birthday!! Gosh, all of our kids are growing up so quickly!!!! I made a card for her that required no stamping - special thanks to Jodie Cole for the butterfly thingy, it came in a bag of goodies from her to me.... at first... this is what the card looked like (by the way, do you like my **new** watermark?!!), anyways - back to my card... I then decided that I wanted to add a little more embellishments, and I was thinking "flowers". Well... I have tons of Bazzill Basic flowers (purchased from TAC), and a bunch from Brian's All Natural Accents line. I layered them together, and put a bunch of them on my card, to get this rendition.... ok, so does it looked to fu-fu out??! I just loved the colors of both flowers together, that when I added 1 pair, I wanted another, then another, and then another... I hope it doesn't look off balance or anything - or maybe it needed 1 more pair of flowers in the upper left corner of the card? Oh well... it was fun to create, and I'm sure Brian will be delighted that I've used these flowers on my card. Speaking of Brian... I finished uploading all of his "ANN" products to his website. When you get a chance.... be sure to visit, and check it out - oh yea... along with my "Blogoversary Sweet Candi Pieces Giveaway"... I am giving 5 lucky ladies (random from those that send in their cards to me) a $5 online coupon to use on Brian's site. Shipping will be FREE to these 5 ladies, therefore you can use your entire $5 online coupon entirely on PRODUCTS!!!! (Updated: Coupon has been up'd to $15!!!) This is a coupon for online use only, it cannot be used for "walk-ins" to Brian's physical store. If you're wondering why, it's because we are trying to promote the website, and get people to utilize it.

I've also dressed up my niece's bag that held her present..... I used this new cupcake Whipper Snapper stamp that I just got, and made a cupcake triple tier with it. I went back to one of my favorite techniques which I first picked up as a stamper - which is masking. If you've haven't had the chance to mask... ladies, you gotta try it, cause you're going to LUV it!!! To mask, I stamped my image on regular piece of paper (not card stock), and cut out. Then I start on my masterpiece. I wanted my cupcake on the top to be the one that looked like it indeed was on the top, so that is where I started. I stamped the top cupcake, then took my cut out image and covered the cupcake. I then stamped the cupcake #2 right below the top cupcake, and because my cutout of the cupcake image is masking my 1st cupcake, the over lapping of lines are not occurring. I then did the same step to cupcake #2, and added cupcake #3, making it the bottom cupcake. That was it!!! I was done and ready to color.

For coloring, I used my copic sketch markers. Used 1 light and 1 darker shade to add depth. I added glue to each of the cupcake toppings, and sprinkled tons n' tons of glitter to add glitz!!! Doesn't it look sooo yummy!??!?! For the cherry on top, I cut out a cherry, so I could make it look 3D, and used my juicy red stickles to glam it up. Here is a photo taken at an angel to show more glitz, and the layering of the 3D cherry on top. Lastly, I added this entire layout to the bag. Look how pretty it ended up being!!!! I know, sorry - the gold doesn't really match, but that was the only tissue paper I could find at that time. Anyways, it was so pretty, I was thinking of asking it back from my niece afterwards - but of course I'm not that low... hahhaa.... she totally loved it, and so did her mom (My SIL: Ida - a new n' upcoming stamping sister of mines).

By the way - I've added a "Twitter" in my sidebar, that will allow you to "check out what I'm doing".... this is just something I thought would be fun to do. I hope to update it several times a day, so that if you're having "Jen Withdrawals" you can check in and see where I'm at and what I'm doing. You can easily "follow" me by clicking on the link that says, "follow me through Twitter".... and laugh along with me, as I go throughout my day. Unless you subscribe to me through "Twitter" you will not know what I've posted on there unless you physically visit my blogs, as it is also posted on my TAC blog. Just thought I'd give you an idea of how it works.... so check me out whatever way works for you!!!

Time to go girls... you all have a fabulous week!!!

Hugs to all...