March 19, 2008

Happy Mail Day!!!!

WOWZer!!!! Yesterday was a Happy Mail Day for me!!! What a bunch of goodies in my mail box. Fun! Fun! Fun!!!!

First off, I'd like to share a Thank You card from my Stamping Sister and fellow Angel (my ^line) Nancy. She sent this card to thank me for the Blog Candy that she's won a couple of weeks ago (she was one of the recipients of my "Surprise Candy Giveaway". Oh, and here are the list of people that won my Surprise Candy Giveaway.....

Receivers from the 1st giveaway (50K Hits):
  • Ylita Nielson
  • Monique Montenegro
  • Charlotte Harada
  • Dee Simonds
  • Chris McCarthy (Canada)
Receivers from the 2nd Giveaway (500th Posts):
  • Nancy Grant
  • Cathy Dagenais (Canada)
  • Gina Wrona
  • Ellie Augustin
  • Pat Sergeant
As you can see... I've chosen those that read, some that hardly leaves comments, and even those that are in other countries. So... take a chance at my giveaways - you never know, you just might win!!!!

The second batch of goodies is from my Canadian Stamping Sister Allison!!! I won HER blog candy!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I entered my cards into her weekly challenge, and boy oh boy, I was the lucky gal to win this stash!!! Look at that bunch of ribbons!!! I was drooling over these very pretty ribbons she's sent me. She also sent me some antique frames, square frames, confetti, beads, a set of clear G Studio stamps (so cute!!!), birthday quote stickers, DS papers (those are perfect for the Spring season!!!! and my favorite colors too!!!!), and some created projects made by Allison too!!!!

Check out her card. Isn't it just fab?!?!?! I saw this card back on her blog... and I totally got a kick out of it then. Now it's MINES - I'm splendidly delighted!!! (hahaha, trying to sound English here). When I look at the ladies on her card, they totally look like us local chicks with attitudes (like titas!!)... one of 'em is saying "Wot?!?", the 2nd one saying, "Where You Wen Put 'Em?!?!" and the 3rd, "No Ack K!??!!".... hahaha, love that glitter ds paper too!!!!.

Allison also sent me this notepad which she covered ever so cutely!!! Isn't that kittie too cute?!?!?! Looks like it's about to pounce on that cute lil' snail, and the snail doesn't know what's coming..... I love it!!!

Thank you Allison!!! I'm so honored to receive your bunch of goodies!!!!

This second bunch of goodies is from my friend Cheryl - you know, the sexy one over at Life Is Sweet?!?! I made her a banner for her blog, and to my surprise - she sent me, oh my gosh, a totally surprise package!!!! This girl has hooked me up!!! She sent me the cutest Autumn Leaves stamp set that I've never seen so far (I've been behind on AL stuffs)... it's like a jungle set with monkeys, giraffe, a hippo, lion, birds and then trees, a vine... you gotta click on the photo to see a close up of this cute, cute, set!!!! She also sent me some BLINGS.. you know how I feel about blings.... these are the ones with adhesive on the back, so even better... a bunch of tags n' envies to go with them... oh my, and do you see those 3 CD's in the photos!???! Well, they are "top secret" programs, that I can't say what they are, cause pretty much not supposed to copy those programs.... so - hush-hush.... no can say nothing. Cheryl apologized to me in an email, for not creating and sending a Thank You card... but gee whiz... I'll settle for this bunch too, right ladies?!?!?!? tee hee....

Thank you sooo much Cheryl, I was totally tickled to receive your RAK!!!!

One last "RAK", some of you may already know - if you read my family blog (email me if you'd like access to it...), anyways... our house has grown by 4 feet!!! This lil' fella is a RAK from my hubby. His name is Ceasar, he weighs about 2 pounds 4 ounces. Here's photo to show you how small he is compared to the size of a card. The card in the photo was posted a couple of days ago.

I am totally stoked with ALL my goodies from these ladies!!! I am sooo looking forward in creating with all of the goodies!!! Big Hugs n' Smooches across the globe from me to you....

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!