March 3, 2008

Happy Girls' Day!!!!

Aloha All!! Today we celebrated "Girls Day" in Hawaii, or in other words, "Hina Matsuri". It is a pretty cool tradition followed by the Japanese n' Okinawan families here. This was taught to me back in elementary, and continues til' this day educating our children about the diversity of the cultures that surrounds us. Usually goodies are handed out to the girls/ladies that you meet up daily with, and mochi is made by families throughout the state. It's pretty funny actually, cause you'd make mochi, and your neighbor makes mochi, every Long's Drugs and Don Quijote (formerly known as Daiei) is selling mochi....and then you exchange - only to eat the same dang thing. Hahaha... just kidding, it's the thought that counts, and sharing our culture and educating the children about it is what matters. The kids have a great time, and all the Japanese dolls are created n' displayed.

Ok nuff' of my explanation... on to today's project. Today's project is a joy-fold card created by my new found friend, Eunice Chong. Eunice found me online, and has been reading my blog daily - and lives only about 3 miles away from me! Small Island!!! Told you!! "Hi Eunice!!!". Eunice met up with me at my home last week, and stayed n' chatted with me for a couple of hours. She was great company, and I probably talked her ears out. Hahaha... a couple of days later, this popped up in my mailbox - perfect timing, cause it was just for today's festivity.... "Girls' Day"....

All I can say is...."WOW". This card is gorgeous... I love her color combo, and her layering, so cute, ain't it?!?!?! Eunice said that I have inspired her to create this Joy Fold card, but dang - she really out did herself. This is an over sized card, about 5x7. Very lovely!! Thank you Eunice.... I was truly surprised to receive this, and just amazed of your creation. It is awesome!!! Oh yea, before I forget, Eunice has a blog of her own... you MUST check it out, cause she's a well-rounded crater, meaning that she does "any kine crafting". Her website is located at "A Star For Chiemi"... please stop on by her site and say hello!! You'll love her cute creations!!!

I've taken photos of different angles in hopes that you will capture the same beauty that I have. I also wanted you to see the layering that she's done... look at how intricate her cutting is! Awesome!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Girls' Day across the world!!!!