March 11, 2008

A Day Out With Wini n' Terri K.

Last week I was out doing deliveries..... well, I had expected to do deliveries, until I got to my friend Terri's house. This is not the same Teri as "Big Ideas", but instead a retired lady friend of mines. Anyways, when I got to her house... Ms. Wini was there!!! What a surprise!!! We chatted a few minutes, and I said I had to go drop off one more order - but then the mention of checking out some stamp stores were said.... we all goggled our eyes, and then decided to check out some stores in town.... Cliff's J's Knicknacks and Liane's Cute Stuffs. I bought some goodies with my birthday money Mr. Young gave me.... but didn't spend too much..... at Liane's I got me a Penny Black clear acrylic stamp set, and 2 wood mounted stamps. At Cliff's, I got the Cricut Design Studio (yay!!!), and I stopped there. At lunch time, we headed to Paesano's to wine n' dine (well, we didn't wine, but we should've!!!)... it was a delicious lunch and with such great company. So we ended up spending the day together, rather than me doing a delivery day.... I love being spontaneous!!!! I was happy to see that I had my camera in my bag, which I am getting used to carrying around, since I never know when I might want to use it!!! When I dropped Terri back off to her house, she came back out from her house with this gorgeous bag..... with more yummies in it.... the bag is from Japan, and the box is a Japanese Tea Box which she covered with Washi Paper. The cards that she stuck in there were all made by her, using rubber stamps, and Washi Paper. So Pretty huh?!??!! She even made the knot on the top of the tea box herself!!! Terri also lined the inside of the box with some type of silver paper that she said is great for silver jewelry. If I stored my silver jewelry in there, then they will NOT tarnish. How awesome!!!!!

I also took a self portrait of the 3 of us ladies... they thought I was crazy at first.... then they realized they just as crazy as me.... I just had to bring it out of them. Thanks for a fun day ladies... let's do it again!!!!