February 1, 2008

Update on JT - February RAK: Sign Ups

Hey All...

Here are the sign ups for the month of February - if you don't see your name, please make sure that you have my correct email address which is littlecs7@gmail.com, and email me to let me know you want to be part of the FUN!!! I will be closing the sign ups today, at 6 p.m., Hawaii time. For those that have already signed up, please see below if I need your snail mail (where noted), and send to me via email as soon as you can. Thanks!!!!

  • Me
  • Teri Suzuki
  • Jodie Cole
  • Flossie Savarese
  • Jana Oliveira
  • Melissa Schabel
  • Ylita Nielsen
  • Pat Seargent
  • Monica Weaver
  • Carol Lee
  • Janet Sisk
  • Connie
  • Holly Murphy
  • Tes
  • Tracy Houghton
  • Jayne Converse
  • Penny
  • Mary
  • Wackie **Snail Mail Needed**
  • Debbie Harris
  • Alexis R
  • Monique Montenegro
  • Charlene McKenzie
  • Anabela White
  • Phoebe Scovel
  • Dorothy Kinnear
  • Angie Lilavois
  • Jennifer Valeri
  • Claire Bzdega
  • Deb Golan

We've got 25 sign ups so far for the month of February!! How exciting!!!

Ok - let me know - you still have some time to get your name in for some fun!!!