February 22, 2008

A Tutorial: Not Enoungh Ribbon!!

Have you ever cut your ribbon a lot shorter than what you thought you needed?! DOH!!!!! What Now?!?!?!?!

Not to worry... here are few steps (I'm sure there are a lot of you that already know this, but for those that are just starting this funtastical hobby, you might find this amusing!!!!). First.... cut your ribbon into 2 pieces: the first piece a little longer than your project, the 2nd piece is what ever's left over.

Next, apply adhesive to one side of the longer cut of ribbon.

Then lay the shorter cut of ribbon down, going across (like a 90 degree angle), and put the longer ribbon right across the shorter ribbon - adhesive side down. Press down on the ribbon going across, to make sure that it sticks good!!!!

Cut off the excess ribbon, or if you are really anal about wasting ribbon, simply fold the excess ribbon behind the card (this works great if you create card fronts only). Then tie the shorter cut ribbon as usual, and create an awesome looking knot!!

Below are other cards - pretty much the same, but each a little different, all using the "Not Enough Ribbon" technique!

Card Info: TAC Stamp - More Elegant Sentiments T-2885, TAC DS Paper: Rustic Chic V-928, Su Double Stitched Ribbon - Groovy Guava, SU! Ink Pad - Chocolate Chip. To give the cards a "run down" look, I applied my ink pad directly to the cards edge.

Have a great weekend!!!